1. There shouldn't be mask mandates. I wear a mask because it's my choice to wear one. Forcing people to wear a mask when they don't want to is not right and not what freedom is all about.

  2. President Biden is in control of the pandemic unlike the previous incompetent former President! Got to give credit to his great leadership!👍
    Dr. Anthony Fauci is a real genius!👍

  3. More than 600,000 Americans died from COVID and they continue proving “you can’t fix stupid”. Get yourselves vaccinated and mask up. I’m fully vaccinated and restrictions or no restrictions, I will continue wearing a mask/N95 to protect myself, my loved ones and everyone around me safe. Masking is keeping me healthy and safe through this pandemic.

  4. I've seen $50 walmart gift cards and now $100. They are moving the price up. I don't think I'd accept the vaccine for a million dollars. all these years they couldn't cure cancer or aids ect. but create cure for "covid 19" overnight

  5. I feel like it’s irresponsible that nobody did the research on this is not a vaccine it has poison in it and if you follow the money trail Bill Gates is a corrupt piece of crap who did stuff in Africa and India

  6. You talking heads should listen to how you sound to others. You try to hard to give this vaccine, why? You are the ones causing confusion. Everyone has a different take. Politicians know more than the doctors who are experts in the medical field. Now all you joe blows know more than they. You don’t know politics well, which is your job. Get over yourselves and get out of everybody’s blood stream. Let Joe Biden speak on something besides COVID. He is allowed to talk about that because he can’t get that confused since confused is the norm when you talking heads that knows everything but what you should know. By the way that was a very messed up rationale given by some of you fools as to why you can’t do titers to see if vaccinated people have any immunity to COVID 19. No one is talking about that at all. You came up with three drug companies who instantaneously came up with these vaccinations overnight, but you can’t find a way to see if they have any immunity’ at all. You know that’s when the sh stuff will hit the fan when they find out they don’t have any. Now you come out with variants to cover the fact and have a ready excuse when fully vaccinated people are coming down with. Coving 19. Wake up Sheeple.

  7. So immigration kills but democrats are more concerned about their power there needs to be more done all the US will be totally government control, no more freedom of the American people, the arrogance of this obvious democrat

  8. The booster shot proves that your vaccine deteriorates these numbers they’re telling you you shouldn’t believe do your own due diligence this is public media after all.
    As well they admit that you will still have the exact same load of the virus inside your body whether you’re vaccinated or not so when your vaccine starts to deteriorate you become viral

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