1. Can the committee also look into insider trading in Congress? That way they can kill two birds with one stone and everyone involved cam get lots of air and jail time. Then lets findout where all that BLM went and get it to the communities who need it. Quite a show.

  2. This is such bs. The only thing Keith's virus alive is the media. Tell me what happened to the flu. It just disappeared apparently. Also, ppl don't even know whats in the vax, but they let the media convince them to take it. Why r u
    Ppl not hearing about the severe side effects, n numerous deaths caused by the shot. Does anyone know how to sue a vex manufacturer? O, that's right, u can't. See u in the next life.

  3. People that have been vaccinated,and coming down with the Delta Variant, are talking about if they had not been vaccinated it could have been worse, how do they know, are they God, they don't know anything and are just repeating what they heard or the puppets tell them. Maybe The Most High God should have had the Virus to break them down to see the Truth.

  4. Show us the facts that you are reporting! It's all a lie people. I work in as a nurse for over 25 yrs…and these people …this channel disgusts me !!! Do not vaccinate!!! What does sex have to do with life??LIARS!! They are not begging for a vaccine!!! God of our creation Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth..shut the mouths of the liars . I see so many people that are unsure what to do. Use your brain guys…God loves you and will keep you safe always. We are a lost people. Are being in sports and winning what we think matters? When we are burning in hell are we going to want to change our minds, but it is going to be too late? It's up to each individual.

  5. Wow this is a devastating event. The magnitude hasn't registered yet as evidenced by the "lead-in" to the next story. 20:40 That really illustrates how slow critical mass is.

  6. A pandemic in the beginning were unvaccinated!!! Now it's called a pandemic of the unvacated! What a play on words. I have had more people I know, who got the COVID after they got vaccinated!!!! It's about the body trying to fight this virus. MANY many people have great immune systems!!! FACT Naturally being able to fight off the virus. Those getting it bad now and not having the vaccine are those with a weaker immune system still. Nothing has changed. It's all about the immune system and I wonder what genetics play in the people who get that BAD reaction to this virus. NOT ALL people die or get a BAD reaction to this virus. FACT! The vaccine does not keep you from getting the covid! FACTS! Media sure made a difference on the perspective on the populations! If you recall a product, everyone looks at the name bran being recalled. I wonder which name brand group of people are the ones who do not have strong immune sytsems against this COVID! Everyone in the medical field whither in the business part or the actual medical part with people, Should have kept the truth of it all! NOT about getting funds either. That corrupts always! The business part can not resist the temptations!

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