1. طائرة الزرقاء والبيضاء يهواه والسيارة تاع العسكر لي فيها الضوء الأحمر في الخلف تاع العمليات الخاصة مع الشاحنة

  2. I want to thank Dr OSABA on YouTube for curing my HERPES virus, DR OSABA on YouTube also cured diseases such as HIV, CANCER, HSV, DIABETES, MENTAL ILLNESS, COLD SORE, GONORRHEA, PRIVET PART INFECTION, STD, FIBROID, PCOS etc

  3. Here in the US and Canada, the news seem to make the moi tire of omicron way way way bigger! This is a reportage I just happen to see about new omicron variant … and the news come straight from a South African doctor! She clearly mentions the fact that although we still need vaccine, this new variant is relatively milder and easily treated!


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