ABC World News Tonight with David Muir | He Reports To You (Promo)

David Muir is an Emmy Award-winning journalist for ABC News based in New York. He anchors the flagship ABC News broadcast “World News Tonight with David Muir” and co-anchors the ABC newsmagazine “20/20.”


  1. David, How can Trump be a part of killing 6 people during the riot that he fired up. Please anyone who is in charge of something like this is arrested. He can't get away with being the leader of the riot at the capital. 6 people who are not even mentioned. If it was anyone else they would be in prison. You do an amazing job, that's why I'm turning to you. Thank you for your time.

  2. ムールディビッドさんへ。

    今日は。お元気ですか? 私は、グリニッチコネチカットで元気に暮らしています。コロナウィルスについてのニュースを私と一緒に分けて下さって、本当にどうも有難うございました。これは、私が他の人に病気を染さないようにするのを助けて下さいます。どうぞ、貴方も他人に病気を染さないようにしてニューヨークシティーで健康で頑張って下さい!


  3. David I watch the news at night . Today is 02 /05 /20 was watching the news . About trump and the only senator . The vote in favor . To remove trump . He may have a big 🏀🏀🏀 or everything. Was planned ahead so he don’t look so bad . Because he is religious person .

  4. "And when American jobs are on the line, he leads the charge." TO WHAT? Exactly what does he do? I don't usually pay attention to promos or ads, but every time I hear that ridiculous claim, it annoys the hell out of me. "Leads the charge." Do people really buy that crap? smh

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