Afghanistan: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the end of America’s war with Afghanistan, and the humanitarian crisis being left behind.

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  1. Yeah….AFg was a just…a theater play call 'Democracy." I was there both on in the Army, later, as a contractor. Now I am nort going to go into specifics, but as a contractor working in behalf of the Pentagon, there was a lot of money to be made. Most of it did not benefit the kind people of Afghanistan. It breaks my heart and angered me why we were there for 20 fucking years. 20 tewars folks. I mean.huvbhvghf..hjfyfvghg….fduck…sghit,,,fuck…HOWEVER, four lucky orphan afghan kids live in America now. I wish I could have done more, politics is a bitch….

  2. UN resolution 1386 & 1373

    "United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373, adopted unanimously on 28 September 2001, is a counter-terrorism measure passed following the 11 September terrorist attacks on the United States.[1] The resolution was adopted under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, and is therefore binding on all UN member states.”

    ”United Nations Security Council resolution 1386, adopted unanimously on 20 December 2001, after reaffirming all resolutions on the situation in Afghanistan, particularly resolutions 1378 (2001) and 1383 (2001), the Council authorised the establishment of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to assist the Afghan Interim Authority in the maintenance of security in Kabul and surrounding areas.[1] It was the final Security Council resolution adopted in 2001.”

  3. John is right about Afghanistan.
    But you know, thanks to America, I don't speak German, and don't live in National Socialist Empire.
    Also, America had a huge part in ending the Balkan Wars (I am old enough to rememeber those) and of course the Gulf War. Maybe these all had to do with own interrests, but they did good for the people now too.
    It's just that going to Afghanistan without a clear plan was a mistake. The Middle-East geopolitics is so complex. Too complex for us to go wage war there.
    But America, as the worlds most powerful army, has a responsability to help countries who are locked in a destructive war. At least they tried.
    But John is so right, people who are now being hunted and killed because they helped the US need to be taked out now. Leaving them behind is, in my opinion, equal to murder.

  4. Part of the reason I really like John Oliver is because despite being a huge liberal, he reports facts, and he will criticize both sides. It’s good journalistic integrity. While any withdrawal from Afghanistan was going to go bad, I didn’t know it was going to go this bad.

  5. As a Special Forces soldier, who served in Afghanistan for 8 years, I hate the use of drones. True, that drones allow the US to project military power onto a battlefield without the risk to US ground troops. The problem is; when you fight a war like a video game, you end up: killing a lot of innocent people and you create people who rise out of the ashes full of hate and willing to give their lives for revenge. No, war needs to be dirty and bloody. That way, we are less likely to get involved

  6. From 2003 to 2010 I spent several months in Afghanistan everyone of those years trying to improve the lives of the Afghanis while trying to eliminate those bad actors that worked to oppose that goal. I truly believed in that cause and I did everything within my power to achieve that success. It seems that all that effort was for nothing

  7. If the US cares so much for equality of women in Afghanistan, they shouldn’t have financed and supported islamists in the ‘70s in the first place.

  8. Holy shit! The Taliban just took over Afganistán days after Biden pulled the troops, he’s working for the riches and the Clinton’s, I don’t get it what’s the mission? He’s a bitch he will never tell the truth

  9. You could atleast have been more clear about why USA did not win hearts and minds in the country. Why are people willing to accept Taliban rule there after all these years?

  10. ☘️ What the US have done is Sadistic in the extreme. At least Afghanis knew whats what under Taliban, but for US to sit there for 20yrs, giving hope to them that life was improving, women working, girls going to school etc. To then abruptly pull out & hand it back to Taliban is an unforgivable betrayal . They will suffer far, far worse reprisals now for cooperation with US & for daring to hope & better themselves during the last 20yrs. But hey! US can be assured of plenty more people who now HATE the West. Who can blame them? Loads of young Arab men will now want to become pilots.

  11. ☘️ The USA leaves all these countries worse off than they were before they came & bombed the country and people into the stone age . I always knew Biden is as big a warmonger as Obama but jeez! To hear Biden complain that they've to go in to police these countries but owe nobody but US citizens is sick beyond belief. The US takes it on themselves to be the 'big guy' taking on the bullies around the world, when in fact it's USA that are the bullies.

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