Afghanistan's booming drugs trade under Taliban rule – BBC News

With economic collapse in Afghanistan, the country’s drug trade appears to be booming.

Afghanistan has long been linked with the production of opium and heroin and is also now a major producer of crystal meth.

The Taliban say farmers cannot be banned from producing drugs for now because there are no alternative sources of income for poor families.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Secunder Kermani and cameraman Malik Mudassir.

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  1. The Taliban doesn't care if they eat, they want the money from the opium. It's all about money for the Taliban, very little to do with selling opium to feed or support people because they can't get real jobs.

  2. Afghans were using this to increase their economic condition but when US came to Afghanistan and destroy its peace people used to these drugs now talibans will get over it

  3. Another example of Nazi Britain and AmeriKKKas media propaganda. This was a booming trade during the 20 years the USA was there. Ethiopia is standing up to the western media and so should the rest of the African and Asian countries.

  4. Yeah, the taliban (a group of murderers, oppressors, religious fanatics, ignorant animals…etc etc etc) will stop the spread of drugs… cause deep inside they’re good ppl and they really care.

    I hope Developed countries close their borders for good.

  5. The irony of it being reported by the British, the world's first drug pushers who waged opium wars against those who refused to buy their product.

  6. America are the ones who exported these drugs and ruin the country.. the Taliban just came in power.. No they employed wicked news reporter to exaggerated and make it seems as if its the taliban… The world is no-longer fooled by the wickedness america does..

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