Alcohol industry expectations from President Ramaphosa's address tonight

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to address the nation this evening. His address comes just before the extended alert level four lockdown expires on Sunday at midnight. Some sectors of South Africa’s economy are hoping that Ramaphosa will relax the regulations in a move aimed at opening up the country’s ailing economy. One of the sectors that will be looking forward to the President’s speech this evening is the alcohol industry and which has suffered another restriction in the sale of alcohol.

National Liquor Traders Association’s convener Lucky Ntimane shares more.

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  1. ONLINE APPLICATIONS FOR ALL GRANTS – to contain the the spread of Covid in the third wave – AVOID THE LONG QUEUES!!! IN THE THIRD WAVE PLS MR PRESIDENT

  2. What they going to sell. Home made alcohol. All shops are looted. No money, no food how they will buy alcohol but no money for food. So sad.

  3. Mr Demane I truly in your shoes, but please let our people control themselves, alcohol has lots of movement, people must buy and tried to be at home

  4. This country only cares about alcohol and inequality🇿🇦we no longer covering news about the challenges in the country such as inequality, poverty, factional violence, crime, free education and rape, which I may say alcohol aggravates them even worse.🌻

  5. Let's just open up the country; do we lock-down everytime this disease becomes infective again. Vaccine is not preventing infections and new strains are going to come up from time to time.

  6. Shut down the alcohol industry,it’s detrimental to the mental health of especially the economically fabled!! Shut it down!

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