America First | VICE News Tonight's Special Report On Trump's First Year In Office (HBO)

VICE News Tonight presents America First, an in-depth look at President Trump’s unprecedented first year in office, focusing on his two biggest campaign promises: restoring manufacturing jobs and building the border wall.

Correspondents Michael Moynihan and Isobel Yeung travel across the country — and south of the border — to chart the progress of key campaign promises, and meet the voters who rallied behind Trump’s political revolution.

The documentary special features insights from Trump surrogates including political consultant Roger Stone and conservative commentator Ann Coulter. We also hear from key opposition players including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Undergirding it all is a focus group of Trump voters led by Republican Strategist Frank Luntz. Almost all of the people who voted for Trump in 2016 say he’d still get their vote today. “My biggest surprise in the last year is that many, many Trump voters are as mad at the GOP as they are at the Democrats. It’s Trump versus the world.”

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  1. “My biggest surprise in the last year is that many, many Trump voters are as mad at the GOP as they are at the Democrats. It’s Trump versus the world.”

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  2. More companies went overseas under Trump, and we were in a 2-quarter manufacturing recession before COVID-19 hit. Trump LOST MILLIONS of jobs and failed on COVID-19 l.

  3. when obama was president the stock market they love so much just crashed, low hanging fruit for morons. Honestly, the USA is embarrassing

  4. I totally lost it when that bro was all like “immigrants coming over illegally is like cancer…” like of all the possible comparison yo ass went with that?? 😂😂

  5. Wow, Roger Stone looks so tame in this video when he’s interviewing. 4 years of Trump definitely did a number on this guy…. 😂

    He just gives the game up when he tells us about the “Us vs them” phenomenon as part of Republican’s strategy. And did it so calmly and matter of fact. Crazy.

  6. You see what he said about Obamacare "let it fail and then we'll all have to fix it and that's exactly why they made sure he failed bc its ridiculous to be spending billions of dollars on health when it's not really "our health" we r just funding other people's lives

  7. The funny thing if everyone noticed. Only white people are in this conversation. But they want want everyone to pay taxes. Vice next time you are going to do this please select diversity. Nothing but racist people voted for this man and he divided the nation.

  8. He failed at everything he touched, he’s a liar, cover up, & overall DOUCHE BAG!!!! He lied to the American people for votes! He failed us! He hijacked our government, were slaves in our own free country 🥴 🤔 Someone get this clown an circus so he can attend!

  9. The irony flew over their heads, its fine for him to sneak into Mexico,as he sooooo keenly showed us.this guy says there's no room, he has thousands of square miles of land, millions of head of cattle & a fleet of MEXICANS on pitiful wages to corralled his millions of head wirh choppers. But he's no room.🤔
    You created this. Isis wouldn't exist if you hadn't set gaddafi & Saddam up when they done nothing the West hasn't done. & the drugs, bad hombre trump named, have sophisticated tunnells deep down with real trains ,1 stop is a home in Mexico, next is a safe house in U.S & I mean a multi million safe house. These guys have so much money they can build railway tracks miles down if they want.the ones at the border, those poor,innocent humans, carrying his whole life above the water only to be harrassed& terrorised by cops on horseback?.these are genuine asylum seekers, you can't treat them like that & I hope they seekers have good lawyers, "make America great again " eh,.?. The carrier business sold to China?.uses that kid Otto,s family for political gain, hugging them at rallies, " I'll sort little rocket man out" told that family he'd get to bottom of Otto. Could you imagine that kids family as they all sat down to watch the summit he promised to get to bottom of? Then they hear " he told me he knew nothing about it & I believe him" a world show trial goes ahead without Kim's knowledge, every person involved I'd going to a work camp.then typical trump has to embelish" he wrote me lovely letters,they really were wonderful, & we fell in love " he fell in love because he saw a country thar worships 1 man & wanted the same.
    But I can't help think of that poor family, he musta tore then to pieces.

  10. All these Qunts and trump transformed the USA into the worst Shithole of the planet. Everyone hates the country now. I couldn't imagine staying there. My kid needed an education and health care. I am glad I left and will never go back.

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