Anti-Trump Hotel & Police Podcasts: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

October, 18, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight…

1:52 – Sabah has been the first to report most of the groundbreaking information on the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Seb Walker reports from the Sabah offices in Istanbul.

9:50 – The Newport Police Department is taking a new approach to finding a fugitive: making a podcast. Dexter Thomas meets with the team behind “Countdown To Capture”

16:04 – This fall, a new hotel called Eaton DC is opening its doors. Owner Katherine Lo has been happily marketing the place as the anti-Trump International. Evan McMorris-Santoro went to check it out.

22:15 – Macy Gray joins us on set for ‘The VICE Interview’

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  1. Wellness Centers are breeding grounds for the Eaton virus. Symptoms are: Eating raw foods, sitting on yoga mats for prolonged periods of time without doing yoga, having more crystals than a meth dealer, speaking as if you know everything about everything.

  2. Although I am a progressive, I think that we should not be so extreme as to take issue for something as petty as Kleenex tissues. Please get a job if you have nothing to do but complain about such things.

  3. So the places where there are more healthy and slim people in the world are the ones that have socialized medicine and because the government pay for the sick they have a strong regulated food, pharmaceutical industry…
    All the people are the same in the world, there is not the best culture just circumstances of living.

    And the left-wing waste time in this?

    Communist China in less than 30 years makes more than 700 million people from extremely poor to middle class and more. Its called the Chinese miracle. Communist win.

  4. Cadet Cone-Spurs would sell-out his mother. Matter of fact, he really did not like his mother. But, he would sell-out our country, and is currently doing so to the Saudi's. Not to mention his pimp Vladimir. We have to drive a stake through the shriveled, corrupted heart of the Republitards. Extinction is the only way we can get this country back on track. Extinction. Or, we end up with another Donnie Tiny Hands, Bart O'Kavanot, etc… ad nauseam. What kind of a country do you want your children and grandchildren to inherit from us? You want your daughters treated like victims in-waiting?

  5. When I spend at a hotel the cause I believe in is a bed to sleep in that night. Jesus I just joined this party and we gotta get with it. Resonating energy crystals aren't a strategy. We gotta get over this aloof "you just wouldn't understand" bs and be a party of the people for the people.

  6. 17:40 It's not a hotel, its a case study for 'luxury activism', conning wealthy people into thinking they're making change with 'progressive consumerism', this wamen seems like a con-artist. Also that dude with the projector has been getting high off his own fumes for way too long, bruh you're not doing anything, at all.

  7. The police podcast is definitely a scary president to set. While it it inherently entertaining and in this case most likely harmless since its about a missing fugitive who in all likelyhood did the crime; the idea that the police can or should publish their investigation findings as evidence/entertainment before a trial is some dystopian shit.

  8. podcast seems like a good idea until someone is falsely accused and a crazy listener sees them somewhere and kills them. Not saying the guy they are looking for is innocent, but eventually that will happen.

  9. so some rich Chinese nationals give there kid money to open a stupid hotel in Washington DC? I wonder if someone could open a hotel in china insulting china's leader, o wait china's leader banned pictures of Winnie the pooh because people use his likeness to compare the two, but orange man fascist because he wants Americans to own guns?

  10. Does any wonder which side does the this like go to, rather is about the person tries to distory hes works. Even the fact of just because its Trump's creation.

  11. Katherine Lo isn't even able to delude herself, but she is still intent on attempting to delude others. That was a poignant question about the pay rate of the staff… the discomfort was visible in her body language and response.

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