Antony Blinken urges China to stop 'aggressive actions' in Indo-Pacific | Latest World English News

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has urged China to cease “aggressive actions” in the Indo-Pacific, speaking during a visit to the region.

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  1. RAB of Bangladesh country is responsible for illegal extrajudicial murder.Our present government is totally illegal.their elections are false. Their statements are also False of counter attack against IS.

  2. Please leave my country alone USA, Indonesia was, is, and always a non block country, we will remain neutral.

    Ndang lungo o cok, kene pengen indo dame ora perang, juh golek perkoro ae

  3. Blanken need to stop nosing in over in China and Russia and start stopping the people from coming in invading our country and start standing up to South America

  4. China ain’t afraid of this weak backstabbing media controlled administration and it’s joke of a president. Taiwan should be worried. Democrat admin love tension so they can sell American weapons like they have always done.

  5. It is now time the West must be firmed to deter or match word by word, tanks by tanks and jet by jet. When Russia started the border war to invasion of Ukraine. Romania must be ready, Moldova to resist Russia hammer n sickle. China is invading Taiwan and Iran attacking Israel. It's clear as the crystal water, white as the pure white snow. Hardline communism and radical Islamism joint evil forces to rule the world. – Oraculum

  6. Hindi ako naniniwala sa mga sabi mong….ipagtatangol mo…ang pilipinas at naaapi..kung matapang kayo labanan niyo china at bigyan niyo ng brandnew warshep..fighter jets..destroyer submaren…

  7. Xi jing ping have a mental sick..western should stop greddy…the next china claim is the moon..and ofcoures they said again its inthere teritory..they called 9 dust line…hahaha…

  8. Really? America now is trying to be the world cop and do something just across the other side of the world? Think about this: China is now urging US to leave the Mexican bay. How ridiculous this is

  9. Look who is talking load of garbage It’s dictators their way or the highway… They are also thiefs refusing to return Afghanistans billions they owe..

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