Australia: Thousands take out protests in Sydney against lockdown | Latest World English News

Thousands of people took out anti-lockdown protests in Sydney, demanding an end to the city’s lockdown, which is entering its fifth week. The protests turned violent as protesters threw potted plants and water bottles at police offices.

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  1. We are still in lowdown here in Sydney. When this video was posted all that's happened is the covid cases have skyrocketed and the harsh lock-down has done nothing to stopping the spread but simply ruined everyone's life's. Sent all the business under.
    Please note we are NOT allowed to protest here. We DO NOT have the freedom of free speech.
    We are a very heavily policed country with next to no rights.
    Our government have even turned to military against its own people. What have we done? absolutely nothing. Very sad times for what was such a great country.

  2. Why did no country's government rise up against China? Because China, Biden, Bill Gates and South Africa's evil government was involved in the making and letting out of the Corrona virus. They are threatening to bring out even more dangerous ancient viruses. Stay healthy protestors. Stay healthy. Pray to God slow for healing. God is faithful. God loves justice.

  3. Great work protesters! God is proud of you. They thought they destroyed Protestantism in the church, by getting the Protestant Churches to join their cult Roman "church". But Protestantism is in our souls, in our blood. We are against them and against every evil thing they stand for, against every lie, deception and modern forms of slavery. Become more drastic. Protest like the French. Start the second global French Revolution.
    We will not accept the crap they've been feeding us for centuries and decades. They speak "peace" "peace" but they keep finding new ways to murder the people. To murder the tax payers who are their modernised, educated slaves. This calls for war. Protesting is not sending out a strong enough message anymore. Prepare yourselves for war. Just like in the French Revolution. Take back what belong's to the people. The earth. Do it before November. They are human beings just like us. Their blood can also be shed. They are murdering and killing people silently with the consent of those who do not see what's really going on, with the vaccines. They have shed the blood of the innocent for centuries and victimised and enslaved the people with their lies for long enough.

  4. Stop the dictators n this madness of extra police powers! If everyone stopped getting tested there will be no new cases! Return our freedoms! The people have the power! Vote them out next election!

  5. Please get your facts right. I have been to each freedom marches. The violence was started from the police when they fire hosed people with pepper spray. People of all ages, kids as young as 8 with their parents at these peaceful marches. Please if your going to give us airtime please know the story, the real story..

  6. Australian government is doing it all wrong now, it's been over a freaking many lockdowns will they have ? Why can't they up their vaccine enrollment?
    They even shot rescue dogs so that volunteers don't go to visit them because of lockdown ! How can you shoot helpless animals ? Literally zero compassion.
    This country is just ridiculous, I'm glad people are revolting now

  7. Australian Bureau Of Statistics
    2373 Death's from Influenza and Pneumonia in Australia in 2010
    2879 Death's from Influenza and Pneumonia in Australia in 2014
    4124 Death's from Influenza and Pneumonia in Australia in 2019

  8. Healthy or vaccinated doesn`t seem to matter covid 19 is going to go through the population. whether your white/ African/ healthy or rich the one thing on this planet that does not care what kind of a person you are is going to infect you. Roll your dice and is it your time or your families time. Welcome to the world we created. Not even todays movies, dramas or series are this good. Does anyone have the skip button to find out what`s going to happen?

  9. A case of Irresponsible brain dead idiots tying up our emergency services for an irresponsible rally that will only serve to increase the lockdown period and become a Covid Super spreader event, totally irresponsible fools

  10. This is just frustration from the bogan class. This has nothing to do eith patriots fighting tyrrany that's just their spin to justify losing their shit. Or theyve been on the piss or run out of meth.

  11. Nothing to do with a regular flu, it's all about forcing an uncertified novel mRNA injection! Certification Of Vaccine IDentification- Artificial Intellegence is what COVID-19 stands for. First and nineth letter of the alphbet : AI.

  12. I am becoming angrier at the increasing attacks by government and their fascist goons in uniform on our liberty. People need to march in protest by the hundreds of thousands to change the restrictions imposed upon us. Otherwise the government and the medical dictatorship won't listen. Incidentally, I am pro vaccine and have been vaccinated. Frustration will continue to increase until it boils over into something worse than that minor fracas in Sydney. The people united can not be defeated.

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