Before He Was Famous: World News Tonight Anchor David Muir Interned At Channel 5 in Syracuse At 13

David’s TV news career began when he wrote to his local station at just 13 years old and they responded. See a photo from his first day on the job!


  1. Only clicked because it was David Muir, held on as long as I could. Couldn't watch it passed the first time she opened her mouth. Even David Muir couldn't make Rachel Ray tolerable.

  2. I love it when people find out David Muir is gay. We’re everywhere. When we say being LGBTQ is immutable and found in every walk of life, guess what? We mean it’s immutable and found in every walk of life!

  3. Rachel, you have a bad habit of constantly interrupting your guests, when they respond to a question or speak about themselves. Would you PLEASE be quiet and stop interjecting!

  4. This thread is officially high school: "Girl, he's hot" " No, he's gay" "Shut up, Rachel"

    Grow up, people, or a pandemic will come along and make you mature. 😥😳😷 = 🙉🙈🙊

  5. Rachael is just doing what all of us would be doing… rambling and tripping over our words and saying stupid things and finding every moment to touch this man’s arm… because he is dreamy af and smart and sexy 😍

  6. Seriously, listening is a virtue, work on that Rachel. I looked forward to what he had to say, disappointed we didnt hear more from him. This this segment was annoying and disresoectful.

  7. When the actor David Muir begins each show he always asks a bunch of questions. Does any one know who he is asking and who is answering these question?

  8. A forty-six-year-old NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel has proven his worth by reporting from countless war zones, but for his current assignment as host of MSNBC’s ‘On Assignment with Richard Engel’, his broadcasting worth is being measured by a partial head of hair dye, as a byproduct in MSNBC’s continued practice of ‘appearance journalism’ on the heads of most of its on-air talent. This distinguished television journalist appeared on Morning Joe, which has led this blogger to predicting the next time he appears anywhere on television, he probably will be made to appear blond hair dyed, tinted orange skinned, with a big red rubber nose, providing cover in case of a sneeze.

  9. Yesterday an over forty-year-old Chris Hayes, host of a ‘news
    talk show’ on MSNBC appeared on the over fifty-year-old Stephen Colbert’s
    television entertainment talk show, no word yet has been determined as to which
    prepared the most in prep for their appearance with a full hair dye treatment,
    I’m betting it was Mr. Hayes that was the lesser of the two.

  10. Is anybody watching American television journalist, David Muir, the forty-six-year-old of ABC’s World News Tonight because they like the shade of his primary election eve hair dye treatment?

  11. I have watched ABC World News for many years. David, I appreciate your humility and compassion in reporting. I want to bring the following to your attention:
    There was a period of time in my life when my only news source by choice was the “World News.” There are many US voting citizens today who only get their news through viewing world news reports. I am concerned that when President Trump has made false statements (lies) that were broadcast without being “fact checked,” many of your viewers have believed his statements only because they had not heard otherwise. It is only fair and it is your responsibility to check the president’s statements and broadcast the truth within the same programming. I recently read a New York Times poll report on the subject of impeachment. I observed that many people across party lines had made some of the same false statements that had been declared by Trump on air. We can’t change the past; therefore, in going forward, I urge you to check the facts and have them broadcast within the same programming.

  12. I actually met David Muir on the street just outside of his ABC studios, most down to earth guy I met. I yelled "DAVID MUIR" and he turned around and threw up his hands and made a surprised "aahhhh" face. Awesome guy.

  13. Seems like a nice guy but his hysterical delivery of the news really puts me off. CALM DOWN DAVID. Tom Llamas is the same, so perhaps it's compulsory at ABC.

  14. Can’t stand Rachel ray. Short little fat troll with hoofs. They false advertise her products with her old young thinner pictures. She’s old and fat now. And she’s a disgusting messy cook.

  15. I tried to watch a few news programs, holiday schedules on both local and networks were full of low level anchors and reporters as substitutions, no matter, it was all the blond and dark hair dyes that kept getting in the way as a distraction, not to mention the straight haired wigs that made the task all most impossible to complete with any of my current event viewer satisfactions intact.

  16. My Mom Said David Muir, And I Never Got To Meet Him, But I Only Get To See Him At, Weddings And Funerals, Dont Believe Me If You Dont Want To

  17. Its no mystery to the current crop of marketing managers worth
    their salt, if you want to pitch product on television, go ‘blond’, the same
    can be claimed of news programing both on cable and broadcast networks…”hooray for
    Hollywood”…once again…

  18. A rumor is speculating on and around the internet that ABC
    World News Tonight anchor David Muir, is a former boy band member, however, no one
    is contributing a name to this still unnamed boy band, this explosive rumor
    which seems to have been sparked by his boyish appearance at a hair dyed 46 years
    of age…seemingly a little gray hair is long overdue…

  19. Why does David Muir always sit at the anchor desk with his head at a slight angle? He never looks straight-on into the camera, but always out of the corner of his eyes. I find it very distracting, but then the ABC World News is nothing but tabloid journalism feeding on disasters of every description, so why shouldn't they have a weird anchor?

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