Ben Shapiro makes bold prediction about the left's woke agenda

‘Ben Shapiro Show’ host discusses shift in parent’s thinking when it comes to public schooling on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #FoxNews #Ingraham

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  1. We took Aunt Jemima off the syrup bottle, Uncle Ben off the box of rice, and even the native American princess off the carton of Half and Half……….so why don't we now have world peace?

  2. This prediction is not only bold, it's truthful. Russia was the first victim in 1917 and after (still to this day, actually, and sadly, the commie element here experiences a major resurgence in the recent years). Then it was Europe. Now, a hundred years later, it's USA's turn. Your great leaders of the past (and your enviable geographic) managed only to postpone this disease. As we all see, it still got in – like it should've anyway. You can fight the enemy's army but you can't fight diseases and ideas (which can be one thing). The perfect example from the past is the Black Plague, which reached all the world no matter what. If things will go the way they went in the recent past and now, USA will suffer. And if you want to know how, what exactly happens under "socialism" (tyranny of the left), read "GULAG Archipelago" or some good history book on Red Terror and/or Stalinism (but, very importantly, not by "revisionist" "historians", as those are leftists). I already see many hallmarks of the left dictatorship in the US politics and everyday life, so you have to know where and what exactly it leads to.

    I don't want to scare anyone, but if we compare what's going on in the US now, it's the Civil War in Russia, in early stages. It's all downhill after that. You, proud Americans, still have time to stop the madness and bloodshed, but you have to act fast and be as united as possible at that. Otherwise the left will prevail and there will be no mercy. Remember, they ruined and enslaved Russia and conquered Europe by other means, so they have plenty of experience, knowledge and know-how. Sorry for a downer, but that's the truth, I'm afraid.

  3. The educational system hasn't had our best interests at heart since they began indoctrinating the youth with things like the debunked evolutionary theory (which, btw, it is just that…a theory) and the "Old Earth" myth which was disproven long before (and long after) it was instituted in the public school system.

  4. One can only imagine the horror that the IGNORANT, Intolerant, and completely racist individual, Ben Shapiro experienced as a child. He was, more than likely, subjected to massive physical, mental, and sexual abuse at the hands of the mentally challenged humans who created him. He represents the worst in human evolution and the best in Stupidity.

  5. I still believe there is such a divide between the left and right in todays society that if we are not very careful will end up with violence that has a serious risk of all out civil. Not just in the USA but it will spill over into Canada too. The left seem to actually be pushing this agenda of theirs to greater and greater extremes of bullying tactics and ridiculous notions. They seem to be trying to install a totalitarian 1984 style of governance and are prepared to do absolutely anything to achieve their aims. I, for one, will always be prepared to fight back against these deluded and evil totalitarian individuals.

  6. Imagine a world where social awareness is frowned upon. I think that everyone should decide what's right for their own children and I don't think that either side should be forced into participating in things that they don't want to participate in. I think that it would be best served if Conservatives do their own thing because just like they don't want their children being taught my history, I don't want my children being taught their whitewashed versions of history either. Problem solved.

  7. The U.S. edumacation system IS CORRUPT & BRAINWASHES &THEY DON'T TEACH REAL HISTORY. IT'S ALL LEFTy b.s. I would rather be extremely conservative than extremely leftist. Think about it.

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