Benzo Dope and Tranq: The Next Wave of the Overdose Crisis

More than 100,000 Americans died of a drug overdose in 2021, the worst year on record. The newest wave of the overdose crisis involves man-made chemicals, including animal tranquilizers, that are being combined with fentanyl to make street drugs that are deadlier and more addictive.
With access to an undisguised fentanyl dealer, Beyond Fentanyl looks at how drugs like “benzo dope” and “tranq” are ravaging North American communities and how U.S. policy affected the latest flood of synthetic street drugs.

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  3. This new benzodiazepine mix is essentially rendering fresh start clinics useless.
    People would turn to methadone/suboxone to elevate all cravings and withdrawals to continue a street free life. Now just subutex and methadone won’t fully change the brain chemistry because they’re dependant on benzos. Making the switch to the clinical option much less appetizing..

  4. FIRST : suddenly we have Billions to send Ukraine. .. Bidens trying to get 80 million for the drug overdose explosion which is a spit in the ocean, better used for research for Alzheimer’s. Where is all the $$$ coming from and why not hire and pay a stronger military, support Veterans, setup safe affordable housing for ALL to access, and earmark more federal funds and CLOSE OUR BORDERS. You have a door on your car or house? Why?

  5. im pretty sure the reason its getting stronger is because the cartels are taking the heroin and other chemicals out of it and making it 100% fentanyl… the colours also rep the dealer or cartel its originally made by…

  6. I live right next to downtown LA. Like you would say. I live downtown. And I was wondering why these people were passing out everywhere. Like everywhere.

  7. Opioid withdrawal can't kill you, benzo withdrawal will give you shakes, then seizures, then death. If you go to cold turkey and don't know you're hooked on benzos you'll die without knowing why

  8. Etizolam is something ppl buy online. From like pharmacies in India and stuff. You can get anything thru the internet and with crypto. I think govts realize this and want crypto regulation so they can cash in on the suffering. It's always about money and rarely ever about actually helping people. Smfh. It's a travesty

  9. Wow vice said a positive thing Trump did …. I’m shocked cause they never do that . And of course 3 mins later she goes on to blame them for banning China from making anymore fentanyl. Cause people are cutting it. Lmao is she serious. Totally ridiculous

  10. Alcohol has broke up more families…. injured or killed more people then all the drugs combined…… but now I think it's drugs are slowly catching up

  11. US is a sick place. 🍳on drugs. The black community has been plagued for generations and now the chickens have come home to roost. China/Mexico entities send drugs here to implode the US people. Wuhan is a place selling the chemicals. Come on PEOPLE wake up we under attack

  12. Before i hated trump speech in many ways but when I'm looking at this holy sh!t just build up that wall and build what ever can make this drugs hard to get so people can wake up, specially the younger ones 🙏

  13. @28:55 "…the flow of fentanyl from China to the US ended." What?? There is still loads of fentanyl coming in from China. There is no way that could simply be "ended" because of some policy our drug tsar put in place.

  14. Folks, EVERY time the government has stepped in to "stop" drugs, people find a way around it with even worse drugs. Give us good ole oxycontin's back. That's where this really went into high gear with them trying to stop those. Now replaced with heroin, fentanyl, and now this. This isn't much of a solution.

  15. I'm so glad I got clean 12 years ago cus I'd be dead for sure. I'm also happy I never liked mixing benzos with my smack. Only for the reason that the benzos made me grumpy the next day. If anyone out there is struggling you can get clean, it's not easy but it does get easier every day.

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