'Biblical' flooding puts world's newest nation under water

The climate crisis has triggered ‘biblical’ flooding in South Sudan, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents. CNN’s Clarissa Ward reports.

Read the full report:

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  1. Pls pray the rosary and devine mercy prayer to free all countries from war, calamities, hunger, diseases, abortion, divorce, prostitution, homosexuality, drugs, corruption, covid communism and all evils.pls pray for peace and joy on all families and home… .. ….

  2. Truth be told its not climate change… that is the term the media uses to cover up the truth of world weather modification. Aka geoengineering. Please awaken people of earth. Stop the madness

  3. People around the world need to forget about investing in a home on land. We should buy floating homes on the water or get a boat. It's hard especially for the poor too and need to help one another. We all need to start preparing for the future how to survive. The government we can't rely on as we can see obviously during COVID.

  4. People can help but were too busy spending 450k to live next to snoop dog in a online world and our black people with money are spending millions on jewelry, designer, and planets instead of helping their people

  5. Birthing pains of the earth! This is all in the Bible! People please get your hearts in order! Jesus is coming back soon! I pray we will all be ready!

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