Biden Hosts Virtual COVID-19 Summit, 1989 (Taylor's Version) Clues | The Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses North Korea reporting its first case of COVID-19 and Moderna firing its CFO after one day.

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Biden Hosts Virtual COVID-19 Summit, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) Clues | The Tonight Show



  1. I'm telling you Jimmy keep it up. Your fan base will grow exponentially if you keep it anti-Biden or at least objectively funny like you did here!! This is the kind of humor that The tonight show should be remembered for… like it used to be. Rip Carson etc…

  2. Did they really not get the point that $200 is a 'cheap' prom dress in the context of that tweet?

    I mean, honestly, even in my 30s, I enjoy the odd time I walk around a mall with my dad and make him guess how much something is 😄 because he's totally clueless, & it's highly entertaining… like when he held up an XS strapless lacy bandeau in Macy's & asked me if it was a hairband. It makes it worth meeting him. 😄

    He has no idea about the price of things he likes – they're usually gifts. But if he ever decides to replace one – "that seems expensive…" 🙄

    But the context is there in that tweet.
    These guys are married, ffs. Celebrities. $200 is not an expensive dress when the tweet mentions everyone else had expensive dresses.

    Coulda told that better.

  3. This another show like Jimmy Fallon of easter egg about Taylor Swift is will releasing 1989 (Taylor's Version) after Stephen Colbert last year that she said just "Shake It Off". I hope she's will releasing 1989 TV this year because this my most popular album ever after Red TV!

  4. Biden is in the chair / but he ask what are the Republicans proposing or doing – Biden is the President TODAY – he has yet to take charge of anything – he only points fingers and has no solutions – he is lost…
    There it is again, your Racist – MAGA, – Deplorable's / MAGA King Trump – Remember this VOTE the Dem's out this Fall and Biden out the door in 2024…
    Remember – Biden blowing smoke sheep – He is in charge, its his job, the buck stops with Joe, not Trump, not Texas, not Putin, not the war – its Joe Biden that is sitting in the chair and working on 2nd year…what has he done but crash everything he has touched….day one he went to war with the Oil, Gas and Coal industry, he said he was going to "work it out" meaning Fossil Fuels – and day one, cost for Energy started up and up and up….
    SHEEP – Don't let Biden's smoke screen blind you – abortion topic is important but what about – Inflation, Food Cost, Gas cost per gallon Highest in US History – Interest Rates skyrocketing / Food Supply Shortages / Electric Shortages coming / Crime rate Highest in US History, criminals running the streets, US Citizens are not safe / Border wide open, Illegal Immigration flooding the US Population during a World Wide Pandemic – putting US Citizens at risk, exposure / Stockmarket crashing worst since 1942 / War, International Relations at all time low / President that can't even speak correctly or lead, weak leadership around the world – we are the USA / World Super Power and Biden is hiding in the basement…
    Biden – what is the Short Term / Long Term Plan…
    Short Term – should be – We are going to Open Up 100% our Drilling and Oil, Gas, Coal production in the USA / start up Keystone Pile Line, add additional pipelines and encourage expansion of Gas production to meet current demands..We are going to start this year on building Nuclear Power Generation..this day one would impact Oil per Barrel Cost on the world market just by messaging…
    Long Term – 10-20-30 year plan – we are going to continue to develop and produce EV Automotive / support "ALL" US manufactures with credits to help move future purchases to EV (Support all Union and NON-Union Companies) not just the UAW…
    Long Term – we are going to support Energy Companies to update, add Transmission Lines, Transformers, Stations, Supply and Storage Capabilities.
    Long Term – we are going to encourage and work with Builders to add Solar and Solar Storage to all new Construction Homes and Businesses.
    Long Term – we are going to continue to expand Wind / Solar and develop power storage capability to help supply "constant" power supply to the grid..
    Put an actual plan together Biden.

  5. MARK my words, speak now is next, she released the only self written songs on 1989x, as a clue for speak now tv, (since it’s the only album she entirely wrote herself, )+ I think, she’s released the song for the film coming out :))

  6. Look at the color of jimmy’s tie it’s a shade of purple Taylor has used the color to hint albums like the color of her nails why not use the color of jimmy’s tie the background curtain is also blue but that might be taking it a bit too far

  7. The saddest part is not so much that the now Ex-Moderna CFO was fired that quickly… is that he still got paid more than most of us for working one day at a job!

  8. Democrats and Biden are to blame

    Biden is bought and paid for by china

    Biden and Hunter get millions of dollars from china and china is garbage hopefully china goes bankrupt

  9. Not to mention her Instagram the day Red TV was released said “red is about to be MINE again, but it has always been OURS” ….. ours and mine being songs off of Speak Now!

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