Canadians continue to take off amid COVID-19 travel advisory

Many Canadians are not cancelling their travel plans despite a new travel advisory prompted by recent developments in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many are still taking to the skies despite an advisory by the federal government to not travel internationally unless it is essential.

As Global’s Tomasia DaSilva reports, some flyers are anxious and confused about what to expect and travel agents say insurance is key.

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  1. Look what they did to David Menzie of Rebel News. Trudeau and his goons.
    A lot of good Men have died for freedom. Your playing a deadly game.

  2. Travellers the main reason we’re suffering from this pandemic that never ends instead of attacking the unvaccinated have been attacking the travellers or the spreaders.I should call them

  3. Omnicron is here. Traveling is safe. People are vaccinated. They're tested. Going to the US you're tested one day before. Traveling won't bring more Omnicron into the country with PCR testing.

  4. And so we should! It is time for the politicians and bureaucrats to butt out of our lives – this is a free country, not a communist dictatorship

  5. The puppet governments are purposely looking foolish, this is being made to look clearly fascist, all to push a revolutionary spirit towards the fall of government, fall of the Monarchy, so the real elite can step in as "Light to the Nations" as a "Savior" State, group, etc. But the truth is they are the same ones who destroyed the world who will also 'rebuild the world' and "heal" the world, all to serve them and their global Messiah.

  6. You have to get an insurance policy to go travel? What a crappy country. It's like spending 3 hours in a traffic jam and then have to provide a breath test by the cops just for a weekend away

  7. I think there is a very disturbing trend to vilify people and blame them for things for which there is little evidence.

    There is no doubt that there is a majority of people in Canada, and many other countries, that think very passionately that the "Unvaccinated" are to blame for the continuing COVID crisis, and if only they would not be so stupid, we could all go back to normal.

    It was exactly the same with Trump Supporters (even outside the USA) and "White Racists". If only they would be better people, the world would be a better place.

    I find this whole attitude rather unattractive and distasteful. Most of all, there isn't a lot of evidence that any of it is true. That Trump was so dreadfully worse than other politicians, that there are enough out and out racists to really matter, or that the vaccine works well enough to end COVID.

    But honestly that isn't the worst thing about it. It is the effect on those "Good" people, who have have turned into such bigoted authoritarian crusaders, the Spanish Inquisition of Righteous. They are completely twisted with hate, constantly decrying this other group of morons that won't comply with their wishes, because they don't share the same opinion. I'm sure we all know someone like that, and I really can't put my finger on why it makes them so ugly to me. Whether it is the unchristian attitude, or the arrogant superiority, they are not nice to be around.

    They fly into a rage in any discussion, and almost immediately go to saying, "You are just an anti-vaxxer", "You are just a racist white person", or "You are just a Trump supporter".

    For the record: I am vaccinated twice, my name has nothing to do with Trump, and I lived the greater part of my life in countries where white was the minority race, and the vast minority in government. If I was a racist, I would be dead by now.

  8. Clair has the face of a liar.
    Lol. There is power in numbers. There is more of us than there is of them. Even those who are vaccinated will begin to rebel. It’s seems the government wants to stir up some type of civil war.

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