Capitol police officers testify to Jan. 6 committee l WNT

During the first hearing of the House select committee investigation into the attack on the Capitol, lawmakers listened to dramatic accounts from law enforcement officers who defended the building.




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  1. These boys should get out there again and explain how January 6th was the worst thing our armed forces ever faced since 1812 or some bullshit. Afghanistan was bad but the US Capitol was worse! Right boys?

  2. I wonder 😑 how understanding the American People will be in the next couple of months when – these politicians and their media – fail to handle the “debt bomb” 💣 THEY just ignited while they were playing Partisan Protest Kabuki Theatre 🎭

    We are now “out of money” huh 🤔

    For those who think the National Debt only means “we owe money to ourselves” well, since everyone who gets a government check from politicians to teachers pays NO taxes (we pay their taxes along with their salaries) WE – each – owe around $200,000 on $30 trillions – (in addition to the taxes we already paid) so OUR ability to “servicing that debt” is all that is keeping this whole Ponzi Scheme from… collapsing.

    For the propagandist that think Jan 6th (2021) was bad… that will only seem like 2008 when every American saw their savings and housing EVAPORATE over night… compared to what would happen if the Fed announces it will just digitize another few trillion… and – it doesn’t work – because NO one believes that these IOUs will be PAID by the American Citizens because Americans don’t believe that their government is anything more than a SCAM run by a bunch of crooks and thugs…

  3. Quick The French Government needs our Capital Police to help against more “domestic terrorists” who think they have ANY rights that the GOVERNMENT does not “allow” them… no tears and whining boys, the Parisian mob should be pussys compared to Trump Supporters… right? Just remember, the FBI won’t be there to infiltrate the crowd…

  4. So funny how the republicans are “PRO” police but really they are ANTI police !!!! and are willing to kill police like the officer killed with the fire extinguisher on the capitol grounds. So funny how Few republicans want to help investigate the January 6th riots and also deny the event. Just shows how Trump supporters are truly home grown terrorists.

  5. Sham show…hurt my hand holding the door…then shot this lady in the neck…no one got my gun but the FBI was soooo violent. The soldier thought he had a higher chance of dying, than in Iraq. Guess he didn't go to the same Iraq all the other soldiers went too

  6. capital police are not regular cops they spend most their time on their knees for pelosi lol these guys good thing they are cops worst actors lol. body analisi they are lying this whole thing is a joke these people are a joke these are not cops these are bought and paid for. why did you ask the people in you disgrace your uniform. your pathetic

  7. Lets get this young lady a diet coke. What are we hiring as police officers ? Whiny 12 year old babies that need acting lessons.. shame on them all. He is missing a ball or two.

  8. No-one should condone the violence but the Democrats along with supporters of the Democrats and it is easy enough to find the right people in any job (including the police) have set up a Kangaroo court! (I'm physically banging my table, btw!) If Pelosi is determined to do this then there is even more justification to having committees set up to find guilty those responsible for inciting violence across the US cities. People lost lives and shops were set alight. Harris bailed out rioters, Biden said he would take Trump behind the Gym and punch him, Pelosi said she didn't know why there hadn't already been an uprising and maybe there will be (and did not say people shouldn't, whilst Trump told the people to protest peacefully), Pressley 'There needs to be unrest in the streets', Jon Tester said he would @Punch him in the face', Dave Stroup as well, Waters said Trump needs taking out, Chris Cuomo 'Show me where protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful', Madonna spoke about 'blowing up the White House', Cynthia Johnson threatened Trump supporters, most politicians have said on record about fighting back, etc. And every TV channel has been happy to show this footage without condemnation and so they are no better themselves. When we get double standards by the media and the politicians those who do so should not be allowed to chair or be a part of ANY committees especially one's that judge the conduct of others!!

  9. We now have a new news channel in the UK too and Farage on at 7pm BST is receiving more views than the BBC and British Sky News. He is already starting to show what has been happening so alternative opinion will be silenced no more!

  10. If the Democrats refused Trump's offer of the National Guard it is their responsibility and the blame for things getting out of control lies with them just like the riots across the cities are the responsibilities of those who had the power to intervene. The people are NOT blind and regardless of who these people were Trump instructed any protestors to do so peacefully, Democrats continually used the word fight and incited their supporters with intent. The World has been watching for long enough to know and understand the deception and ask any Eastern European that lived through the Soviet Regime, ask any Asian that has the opportunity to speak out about China or those who had to endure the oppression of 1930's Germany what their opinion is of countries that censor those who oppose a singular protectionist narrative that shows signs of authoritarianism and they will tell you that it IS WRONG on all levels. If ordinary people support this narrative they have not done their research or have been deliberately mislead and at some point in the future they themselves will find that even the opinion they currently have will be silenced if they allow this to happen.

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