Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News Tonight (HBO)

Hundreds of white nationalists, alt-righters, and neo-Nazis traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to participate in the “Unite the Right” rally. By the next evening three people were dead – one protester, and two police officers – and many more injured. 

“VICE News Tonight” correspondent Elle Reeve went behind the scenes with white nationalist leaders, including Christopher Cantwell, Robert Ray, David Duke, and Matthew Heimbach — as well as counter-protesters. VICE News Tonight also spoke with residents of Charlottesville, members of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Charlottesville Police.

From the neo-Nazi protests at Emancipation Park to Cantwell’s hideaway outside of Virginia, “VICE News Tonight” provides viewers with exclusive, up close and personal access inside the unrest.

This episode of VICE News Tonight aired August 14, 2017 on HBO.

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  1. In August 2017, @elspethreeve and our team went to Charlottesville and got exclusive, up-close and personal access inside the unrest.

    Now, the report just took home four News Emmys.

    Watch the full episode right here, right now.

  2. funny how the people who claim to not be sheep both get maced and both say it was the "uhhhh CoMmIeZ" actual ape brains, if you're reading this and you ideologically agree with these morons take an IQ test please.

  3. Who else is revisting this video after what Trump just did? If God exists, then these last few years were a test and guess what? We failed. Right-wingers are literally going to kill us all.

  4. All these men acting like little boys because they live in fear. Fear breeds ignorance which sadly ensues violence and death. Absolutely heartbreaking

  5. When you step back and consider that we are all just specks on a rock in a massive universe…. who only have maybe 85/90 years to be here…. it makes this kind of hatred seem even more senseless and tragic.

  6. It's okay to be white. It's okay to be upset that you're being targeted. It's okay to be upset that because you're white you don't have a voice. It's okay to not be okay with what's happening.

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