China brands United States as weapon of mass destruction | Democracy Summit | Latest World News

China has branded the US as a weapon of mass destruction. It comes after the US organised the summit of democracy.

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  1. China may be right as facts have proved that USA is behind all the recent wars and even behind the Hong Kong riots and these wars esp in Iraq and Afghanistan have seen civilians killed. So Biden and west are war criminals are they not.

  2. US 👹☠️🤑☠️😡 has the MONI to fight a WAR 💥 ??? National DEBT : THIRTY TAUSEND 30000 BILLION DOLLARS 🙄THE ZIONIST MAFIA (1,5%) LOOTIN💄,TERRORISIN 😡 the WORLD 🧕👲🙏

  3. Xi jin ping slams US as weapon of mas destructio. What about Him? Who bullies other small contriesand grab their landsang went fishing onto other countries's exclusive aconomic zone What could b theApppropriate term for them.Xi is POWER HUÑGRYMAN AN ANTIGOD MORETHAN HITLER.GREAT TETENDER

  4. Does the CCP reminds anyone of CNN or any of these western mainstream media, the narrative they report is not quite convincing. Do they realize it's almost 2022 , seriously someone needs to tell them people are much smarter than their looks and they can stop the BS and come up to our level thinking.

  5. That is the most accurate description of America politic and particularly their foreign policies. it must not be lost on our memory that this is the first and only country that has used nuclear weapons on other humans. but not only are they builders, traders and users of weapons of mass destruction they are also the world biggest terrorist, using stealth, illegal force to invade, assassinate , directly and indirectly creates famine,genocides, mass migration. this a empire with a insatiable appetite for death , debt and blood.

  6. LAW Abiding citizens are much at peace with the way China manage security and safety for their 1.4 billion population. It is necessary so that people can walk anywhere in the city even at night without getting harmed. The exact contrast to US & UK and even in India whereby criminals are roaming around as if they're the ones who own the public parks and everywhere outside every building in business districts. People specially women do not feel safe walking or shopping alone. That is the version of US-UK democracy, and they wanted to spread such plague to all parts of the world. Their leaders designed it to have all sorts of criminals within the communities so that people will be busy minding on their jobs and security everyday while their corrupt politicians are free to do whatever thing that pleases their own appetite.

  7. Take care of your country china, you have bloody hands. The US has God and it's Laws. We the People of America the Beautiful: is not like your ugly. God, Love and Power abides forevermore. xi your pride will eat you up quickly and all that follows lawlessness. God is our Beautiful Truth. Amen.

  8. China is right. Why don't you change the name of your channel. This is like the "complaining" channel. Always complaining about China…lol. And this channel always lying about the Uyghurs.

  9. It's sad China is the new bully on the block, they are never going to let up either. China is fighting for world domination, we are fighting for skin colors, sexual preferences and where to use the restroom.

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