Countries around world see rise in Covid as Omicron spreads – BBC News

Countries across the world are starting to see a dramatic rise in the number of the daily recorded cases of Covid as Omicron spreads.

First to experience the dramatic surge in cases was South Africa, but the early data suggests fewer people have died or are requiring hospital treatment compared with previous waves of infection.

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  1. The scared sheep and anti vaxers who have been brainwashed with stupid conspiracies and dangerous Misinformation that still keeps them under control and in fear of their lives, must be really panicking now. Their stockpiled toilet rolls must be low with them shitting themselves for 2 years. Buy you have to admit their comments are hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. I am very scared about the new variant. It is spreading quickly and the number of infected people is increasing quite quickly. The Delta variant was horrible but this time it's a new variant again. Is anyone as worried as I am?

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