COVID-19: Ontario reduces gathering, capacity limits in response to Omicron variant | FULL

Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced new restrictions in response to the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant on Friday, alongside chief medical officer of health Dr. Kieran Moore.

Capacity limits, restrictions on food and drink service, and gathering size caps are among the new measures that were announced.

“We need to meet this variant head on. We need to do everything we can to push it back,” said Ford.

Beginning Sunday at 12:01 a.m., there will be a 50 per cent capacity for indoor settings including restaurants, gyms and shopping malls. Bars, restaurants, meeting and event spaces and strip clubs will be required to close at 11 p.m., though takeout will be allowed to continue. Alcohol sales will be restricted after 10 p.m.

Meanwhile, indoor informal social gathering limits are being reduced to 10 and outdoor limits to 25.

Earlier this week, the province announced new measures including making booster shots available to all adults starting Monday.

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  1. Interesting to note that the per capita death rate in much maligned Florida (which has not imposed restrictions on its population) is no worse than virtuous California's, where there is more emphasis on the types of restrictions we are seeing in Canada. In fact, if numbers mean anything, Florida with its population of about twenty million has a steady average of 20 deaths daily, whereas California has twice the population and three times (60) the number of daily deaths! If you look at the death rates in Sweden, which also has a fearsome reputation for not restricting its population, the situation with respect to other more restrictive European countries is about the same.

  2. At some point are you going to treat the population you serve as adults capable of thinking for themselves!? Hospitals are overrun because of 10 day quarantine not because of Omicron! You have robbed my kids of their childhood I hope you lose your job soon too!

  3. I would like to see stronger disinfectant rules for anyone entering Ontario from any border and for travellers. One – vehicles and their interiors should be cleaned – people should walk through disinfection tents – luggage and all items should be sprayed – when a person lands in a community and prior to departing – all vehicles or planes need to be disinfected and the luggage should be cleaned upon arriving and all foot wear and clothes after walking through disinfection tents changed carefully – washing of exterior walls roofs sidewalks windows and interior of buildings – regular walking through disinfection tents to entering – wash the streets more often – people could help with whoever had power spray wash equipment – not sure the cleanser maybe dawn and hot water – whatever has to be wiped that is bought in the stores, mailed to people , spray it all – for those who lost loved ones my sincere condolences to you – my family lost loved ones two generations ago and one generation ago possibly more before those generations – with small pox and influenza – very very sorry to all those suffering with this illness – prayers for your recovery and please do whatever you can to be safe – this is not for anyone to pick apart either take this comment or leave it – if the militia has to be called in its because people are not being respectful to others and to the rules – serious issue here.

  4. Am I crazy? Sure I'll wear that hat. We haven't mixed with people and I'm thinking we're too clean immunity wise and now open to getting flattened by anything. Idk. Maybe the 4th shot will be the charm.

  5. When did Social distancing and lockdowns work previously as this is now almost 2 years and lets face it, science has failed, miserably, time to fire the experts, Doug Ford should know an expert on paper and one who gets actual positive results are two different entities. Not all the people are afraid and more and more people have turned from Science back to the belief in God as we will all be listening to this another year from now.

  6. 2000-4000 iu of vit.D fights omicron eighty percent of the time.

    no time to waste….if you see a lineup at a pharmacy for vaccines , they probably have enough for you'

  7. I cried this morning because the disability i have does not allow me to help doctors and nurses.

    They really need your help now even if it's just with cleaning maybe?
    Women have been doing fullime work at home and theworkplace forever. Men are stronger and therefore have more energy so, please if you have any kind of science background, call Ford's office and see how you can help.

  8. Buddy enough is enough. I don't need the government to tell me to stay home for a scratchy throat.
    Supply chain manipulation
    Hard times ahead remember this people

  9. The Ministry of World Health is linked to American merchants, and because they know that the economy is collapsing, they claim a new virus mutator every time. Perhaps they are behind the spread or promotion of viruses with the help of specialists in Britain, America, Canada, European countries and many countries for some time, and they herald the emergence of many viruses that will threaten the world. You have to ask the question to this criminal who killed millions of people in Africa under the name of charitable aid canceled who talked about viruses before spreading here a question mark in order to close and destroy many countries economically. This is the new weapon. It is difficult to identify a major source of the spread of these political and terrorist viruses from Before America and Britain, especially from American merchants, in order to save with the collapsed American economy, America only prints dollars and some countries control the World Health Organization, which now claims that the Omron virus has spread to 85 countries quickly. Of course by agents and spies in order to close many countries until it is justified to close in order to destroy the economy and the beneficiary the World Bank and the countries that want to control these countries. This is the new domination policy by means of biological weapons, viruses, killing the most number of people and reducing the population. This is the scheme of the merchants (the owners of giant capital) who rule the world and control the United States of America and global trade are the basis of strife in the world and the basis of terrorism and the basis of crime, racism and fighting between peoples and governments in order to dominate the capabilities of peoples in order to create chaos between peoples and governments and between Parties and governments because they know very well the interest-based bank that destroyed the world, and at the present time only America prints the dollar and sends it to countries in the world so that a group of American merchants will remain controlling world trade and supporting wars, crime, racism and fighting in order to distract societies from thinking and knowledge and revealing The truth, spreading lies and misinformation through the media, as well as destroying local currencies in many countries and dumping these markets with American dollars so that the American financial system remains strong through the criminal policy against peoples in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. History bears witness to America, Britain and France what they committed crimes against the peoples and how they harmed the environment they claim to defend.

  10. Doug ford need to resign now..i remember when we had lock down the case was around nhe case is over 10000 with more contagious variant and ford is doing nothing. ..incompetent premier…must go out….

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