Cutting off Qatar & Bullying on Trial: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the June 6, 2017, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

We follow British artist Cornelia Parker as she gathers inspiration for an artwork that sums up the 2017 general election in the U.K. A report on the corruption trial that could bring down Brazil’s President Michel Temer, and the DEA’s newly declassified internal dictionary on drug slang.

Plus, we explore if someone should be held criminally responsible for another persons suicide. And, Steve Aoki reviews new music in his second installment of New Music Corner.

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  1. Harley may have been a bully, but she shouldn't be sentenced unless she forcefully made him commit suicide. The victim should've sought out counseling or any support. If bullying is illegal, then everyone should be arrested. Bullying is just unethical behavior that many of us are victims, although it's good to develop tough skin.

  2. I pray Donald list all bloody terror on black list including all who air 📺 from Qatar al Jazeera channel's also from Turkey in Arabic Lang because they all hate him send messages to murder him and their dam messages just like code between each other but about Donald their hate are showing so much is :-O sick..Donald move on and close their dam 👄 list all of them black list..

  3. I love that the world is changing for the better and this story shows we are becoming more compassionate and sensitive to others. yet I do not belive this will hold up in court. making someone criminally responsible for another's suicide by only being a count to the man is Probobly a violation of her right to free speach. anything that is not a threat is your right to speak your mind. in a free country you usually can call the president a fat ass or dumb ass all day long and since he is not a dictator he usually just goes on with his more important bussiness and pays it no mind. Bush was very good at this when people talked shit behind his back and to the media all the time. I admired Bush Jr. for how he handled the bad press. he knew the decicions he was making were of up most importance and most of the country was only commenting without knowing the facts or knowing information he was privileged to. Bush was sure of himself and continued with what he knew was right. it is sad this man never got though that young stage and maybe out of the small town that played a part in his situation because he Probobly was very smart and could have gone on to do amazing things. if only he had more support from his friends and family then one woman would not have been so influential in his life. very sad stuff😓

  4. I'm Muslim and I'll say Saudi Arabia is the most hypocritical nation in the world. And trump says all these things about Muslim countries but wont say anything to Saudi Arabia

  5. The kid clearly had mental problems. Its not normal to want to kill your self because you were bullied. Next we are going to start arresting spouses if something simlar happens in a marriage. This opens a door that shouldnt be aloud to be opened . A disturbed young man hurt himself it sucks but only a disturbed person would end their own life.

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