Cyber War & Unemployed Americans: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the May 4, 2017 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

State-sponsored hacks are on the rise, and the cybersecurity firm Mandiant is the first to respond when attacks happen. Founder Kevin Mandia opens up about how the company fights hackers. Plus, we travel to Oklahoma to see what it’s like to be unemployed–and underemployed–in America.

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  1. subsidies in a capitalist system, wow that's a license to print money for insurers. This is the worst of all worlds, rising costs of healthcare to pay profits to capitalists funded by the taxpayer.

  2. Fucking morons in America… Showing up to a job fair in pants/button up/ Vans…. Show up in a suit like you plan on being the boss of that company one day I don't care if it's flipping burgers…

  3. Too many poor people voted against their own self interest in voting for Trump. Trump is a Russian sycophant. He and his kin are working to sabotage America.

  4. Dont expect USA goes sour this way. There are far more issues to address than merry go around.

    Kuddos for people brave and self-realization enough to attend job fair.

  5. People have survived with out "jobs" for centuries. It's time to get back to the laws of nature, and leave behind the laws of men.

  6. I just don!t get why some Americans are so against universal health care. Always with the label oh its socialist so basically its communism. UK has it. Most democratic has it. Get with the program.

    I come from Malaysia. Third world country. We still have blackouts. Water is not perfect but hey we got internet.

    Whats fucking sad is I go on reddit and talk to people that have the same disease as me and read their plight. "Oh I cant afford that medicine so I'll take the lesser one." Or " Ambulance its too expensive, I just bear with it and drive. "

    That same medicine cost around 100 usd a pack. Here its only RM20 which is roughly 5 bucks. Ambulance is free. Always free. Why a thousand dollars for a ride is beyond me.

    Insanity is how would I describe the healthcare situation in America. For greed. Insurance companies especially. Free/Affordable healthcare is a necessity. Better healthcare is a choice.

    And please stop with the fake news already. Sure its a little opinionated and biased. But it doesn't mean its not happening. Just because you don't like whats being reported.

  7. Those migrants who suffocated in the back of the truck, Yeah, they blocked the road, forced the driver to take them in the back of the truck against his will, using violence. That's not the driver's fault, and it's a huge miscarriage of justice, because "oh the migrants can't do any wrong"

  8. You'd think people from the Congo would understand that voting/democracy is more productive (slower, but far more sustainable gains) and better in both the short and long run than a revolution, which is by definition violent. They sound like the ignorant far left and far right in America. Look what NOT voting got us. I'm so tired of fools. I used to pity the ignorant, now they just make me feel angry.

  9. I'm hella liberal, but that Healthcare reporter was awful. Since when do we throw away all principals of journalism and smear our opinion over the news before we serve it to the viewers? Not even an attempt to curve their bias.

  10. "for too long the federal government has use the power of the state as a weapon against people of faith." -trump. since the founding? separation of church and state you piece of shit.

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