Dana Perino analyzes CNN list of Democrats who could replace Biden

The Fox host discusses CNN’s list of 11 Democrats who could potentially ‘replace’ President Biden in the 2024 elections on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Joe Biden could be replaced with a bobblehead. Just ask the bobblehead a question, smack it across the face and we will get our answer.

  2. Hillary still want to be a president so she can have an affair to match up with her husband Bill Clinton 🤣

  3. There's talk of Michele Obama trying her chance of being nominated. Michele Obama is not Presidential material, frankly just hearing her/his name gives me an upset stomach. Obama, was a disastrous President. Yes, the Progressive Leftist loved him , and Biden was his lap dog . If you want more of Obama then she is the one , And trust me , Obama will be running the show. GOD Forbid, either one of them enter the WH ever again. As for Trump, If he runs, he will get nominated. Will he run? I'm not so sure he wants the job anymore.

  4. HOW CAN WE WASTE MORE OF THE TAX PAYER MONIES, WITHOUT APPROVAL FROM CONGRESS, OR ANY AMERICAN TAX PAYOR PERMISSION, IMPEACHMENT SHOULD NOT TAKE LONG IN 2022 ,WHAT A FXXXIN WASTE OF GOVERNMENT. THIS IS THE END OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY FOREVER. EVERYBODY IS SUING FOR HUNTER BIDEN'S TRAVEL RECORDS, ON TAX PAYER MONIES TO CUT THEIR PERSONAL FINANCIAL DEALS WITH SECRET SERVICE SECURITY PROTECTION ON AIR FORCE TWO, GATHERING THAT POT OF GOLD FOR THE BIDEN FAMILY. The biden’s pot of gold from China, what did it cost America? Inside traders must go, they are not honest,has China installed a puppet government with the Biden’s? Another staged setting for the fake biden, National Security risk? yes, the bidens are, compromised yes, they are, right down to the last 30 millions they received from China Communist ,sold us down the river to China and Russia, Wake up America there is a traitor in the White House Biden and his band of misfits are not faithful to their oath of office, ‘Stupid fxxxing laws, Stupid fxxxing reporters”, DEMOCRATS KEEP BREAKING THE USA LAWS AND JUST DON’T CARE, TIME TO VOTE THEM OUT, PELOSI CHEATS, WHERE ARE THE INSIDE TRADER INVESTIGATIONS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, DEMOCRATS SAY FXXX YOU AMERICA. ( Patriotic post .com} Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson has called for President Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive test, citing his shocking performances with the press. Everybody is stupid except joe biden, and of course the smartest man he ever met, was hunter biden, the corrupt fantasies of joe biden’s world of criminally insane BS. The biden crime family should be forced to return all the money they have accepted from Russia and China. Pay to play is a crime against the the United States when they broke their oath trust when sworn into office. Why keep them in power? look what they still have accomplished for China and Russia and nothing for the United States or America.

  5. I don't think replacing that idiot with another democrat will change anything.
    They all hate America.
    You have to get rid of the other hater communists, Pelosi, Schumer, the Squad.
    If I were a democrat I wouldn't even admit it. What kind of a person voted into public office would support the destruction of our beautiful country and support the man destroying it?
    Where in the hell did all of this scum come from? Pathetic…..

  6. What's it like losing all the time I see it all the time it must be so tiring to watch your poll nbets always down down down they never go up

  7. Read the book RED HANDED!!! ALL JOURNALISTS AT CRAP NEWS NETWORK ALONG WITH MOST OTHERS SHOULD READ IT TOO!!!! VERY INTERESTING WITH TRUE FACTS!!!!! See how Joe and Nancy have sold us, the American people out for their own gain!!!

  8. Those who are running Biden (and therefore the country) will only allow someone that they can control.

  9. In case you haven’t noticed the Democrats no longer need your votes to appoint persons in positions of power today.

  10. Let's all. Republicans and. Biden haters hope. Biden is stupid enough to run again and Harris goes along for the ride, let's be fair this team mite need 4. Years to warm up.

  11. Biden could be replaced by Bozo the Clown and nobody would know the difference. 😀😀😀

  12. So it's official.. the folks hired by american folks are just a threat as Kamala Kama zee zee plan?..

  13. To compare a one day Jan 6th .. with biden in control.. to a history holcaust says it's simply one sided and way too out of the constitution

  14. Cnn there Hollywood mates all were saying how great Brandon will be how come they are not supporting him now Hollywood celebrities seem very quiet !

  15. Dana Perino leaves much room for a new hairstylist. FIRE YOUR Hair stylist. Your hair is horrible. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  16. The only thing worse to Biden, would be cackling Kamila! Red tide on the way come mid terms!

  17. Does not matter which deep state puppet, is brought to the forefront..
    Each bought and paid for candidate is as incompetent, narcissistic, arrogant, cowardly, hypocritical, corrupt , career criminal, as the next candidate..
    A are steeped in lies, deceit and betrayal….
    Same as the true enemy of humanity
    The MSM

  18. The Communist liberals have nobody it's nobody to even run in 2024 much less replaced by now is less replaced by now. And I mean absolutely not anybody they are lunatics and incompetent

  19. Biden as everyone knows is so unqualified to be president, his replacement no matter who would be more competitive in an election.

  20. Well the Dominion voting machines are still out there so it's possible for Hillary to win.

  21. Replace Biden with the one true president and that is President Trump we all know President Trump won

  22. There's going to be at least 50 losers up there in the Democratic stage you got to know it even though there's more than 50.
    Let me see what would they run on all the run on fixing the economy but the economy's not broke it's steaming ahead right. Let's see the run on the economy they'll run on saving a portion they'll run on election reform police reform and assisting with black lives matter rallies hopefully our cities have been rebuilt by this time so they can tear them up again. They'll they'll help the anarchists they're playing Russia tell you how they're going to control China and save the planet from the industrialists in our country only. Personally I think Donald Trump should run for governor of New York and then when he wins the nomination run for president and make his daughter or even Melania I think that would be a great mix Melania could run the governorship in New York and Donald Trump could go back to being president. Followed by raids all over the United States and people brought up on charges of treason followed by a massive hanging at The gallows for treason. Gee I don't mean to be so negative but holy crap how can anyone party or the people of this country allow the Democrats to propagandize everybody to the point where they've got their head stuck up the butts. Unbelievable the media sucks

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