Darkest Place In America & Marines In Afghanistan: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

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This is the December 19, 2017 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

3:38 VICE News meets with American Marines stationed in Afghanistan as they assess what role they will play in the future of the country. Facing a mounting Taliban threat, the Marines must decide whether or not local forces are ready to handle the security situation on their own.

14:36 McConnell says the Senate will vote on the tax reform bill later this evening. Trump has touted the plan as a Christmas present to the middle class. But many CEOs are dubious that corporate tax reform will raise wages or create jobs.

18:13 On Monday, Idaho’s Sawtooth National Forest was finally designated as the country’s first Dark Sky Reserve. To get the honor, local homes and businesses had to abide by local ordinances limiting light pollution by changing the bulbs of outdoor lights and aiming them downwards to get a better view of the night sky.

23:23 In this week’s Music Critic, new guest Regina Spektor reviews holiday music in this special edition of Music Critic: Gwen Stefani’s “My Gift is You,” Hanson’s “Finally It’s Christmas,” DMX’s “Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer,” and Sia’s “Puppies are Forever.”

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  1. Too bad Biden will start more wars and send more troops to die… Iran is next on their list. At least he was able to bomb Syria and Iran but not get us our stimulus checks which he ran on. They oddly enough went from $2,000 to $1,400 since his election but you don't hear much about him being a liar and war monger from the media, or that his pick for the management and budget office said she wants to bomb countries and make them pay us in oil to help our nations deficit problems that we continue to make worse.

  2. Taliban just swear on something that they have no idea about American military power it's getting better upgrade version on every military asset they are very lethal on air water and land…

  3. Government is a way for politicians to see how they can squeeze money out of the budget that's meant for us citizens, but gets the politicians rich. By bribes and round about ways. They don't work for us they work for themselves.

  4. Elizabeth “I’m a Native American” Warren….jeez, I had figured you guys wanted good, possibly even true, answers to your questions, not biased hackery…..I don’t know why I still think that about Vice…you guys have done(and in a few cases continue to do) such excellent journalistic work, it’s quite upsetting to see what the unfortunate results of McInnes leaving(despite his own problems) and the other two founders, particularly Shane, clearly stepping back a bit.

  5. Blue spectrum light is also the spectrum you want to grow weed,,and dude with the lazer obviously isnt that educated in it as the blue spectrum light comes for 50% of year and flips to red spectrum light the other 50% of the year..i want/need/am getting one of those lazers to see if my light is putting out the amount of blue spectrum it says it does,,for a $400 bulb it best be in the correct spectrum lol

  6. Afghanistan has a LONG history of being attacked by superpowers and them WINNING the fight. From Britian attacking to the USSR, each time it was easy to get in and impossible to leave. Same is true today bc they ONLY way they'll stop fighting is if you kill EVERYONE. As one falls 2 replace them. That'd just how the middle east roles and has been since written history and before began.

  7. My husband served as a Marine in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was double pumped (only 3 month home before sent again) bc they couldn't build bases due to all the bombs many from when the USSR attacked Afghanistan. He was trained less then 3wks on a new bomb detonation truck which was for Iraq, it used 2 million volts, had NO tests, and ended up with the 7 approved to drive being reduced to 2 as apparently you're only allowed to be blown up 3 times before they stop sending you out. Both left had two strikes as the old USSR bombs were deep thus detonated when they were over then NOT before thus they were also 200lb+ bombs which had not caused any issues for 50 yrs. Often under commonly used roadways, houses etc thus they also dealt with civilian causalities. All bc we attacked the same country which had dealt with 3 super power attackes and has ALWAYS won. Btw each time the country was at the highest when they attacked. It was easy for them to get into Afghanistan but impossible to get out.

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