Deadly street protests over Iran water shortages – BBC News

Security forces in Iran’s southwest Khuzestan province have been firing bullets at people protesting due to severe water shortages.

The shortages are happening in one of the country’s hottest regions, where temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius.

But the protests have developed into dissent against the government, the country’s Supreme Leader and have spread to different cities.

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  1. Are they sleeping in Iran or what? They have more natural springs than most Middle Eastern countries, yet they have water shortage. Just shows you how useless they are. Too busy with nuclear

  2. I’m Iranian and personally I have NEVER met any other Iranian who has liked the government. We are not our government. We are the people. We are OUR country.

  3. Remember there has truly always been water urgencies when pertaining to the middle east… It's a delicate region… Based on the terrain of the land. So "adopt" the well system furthermore of what Abraham is believed to have adapted to, he was known to dig wells in his life. People must be rational and ethical when dealing with water. Even in America there's water problems, the Rio Grande has issues on and off for example… Just a suggestion…

  4. I pray for the people of Iran. Unfortunately the leaders of Iran are hellbent on a path of total destruction for that country. Go against Israel and your going against God. Don’t believe me? How may wars has Israel been in since 1948? Six maybe seven, all of which Israel should have been annihilated. If memory serves me correctly Israel and God destroyed all the invading armies. The Bible assures us it will happen again.

  5. And BBC fake news of course only sees problems in remote parts of the world yet millions of families back in UK are homeless or unemployed or both and millions of children go to school hungry. But that's ok, lets create fake news about Iran's problems instead.

  6. The worst regime ever!! Iranian people doesn’t deserve that , they was very educated and modern, but since the criminals mangled to steel the government and khoumine became the regime itself he destroyed everything and he spread crimes and corruption in the region

  7. Water shortages have been a problem for nearly a decade now. At first it was just in places nobody thinks about like the top of the Himalayas and rural desert countries. But it's finally becoming pronounced in areas we can't look away from. Our environment is dying at an unprecedented speed and if regular folks don't violently push back against their own authorities, government and corporate, then we're completely fucked. Islands are loosing feet of shore annually, desert farmers are closing up cause there isn't enough rain to replenish the ground water, the arctic pack ice that never melted is over 90% gone. I could write a list of shit that has changed a mile long but i think yall get the point. We outnumber them a million to one, if we want change all we need to do is take it.

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