Desperate search for tornado survivors in US – BBC News

Rescuers across six US states are searching through wreckage after a series of tornadoes left a trail of destruction.

At least 94 people have been killed across the country after about 30 tornadoes struck on Friday night.

US President Joe Biden has declared a disaster in Kentucky, the worst-affected state, where at least 80 people died, including dozens in a candle factory.

Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman told the BBC the death toll was continuing to rise “with every hour”.

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  1. 3/22/2022

    Unfortunately all storms are bad
    And this is why we always have to
    be in alert to save yourself,
    Material things come and Go
    But we only have one chance in life.

    I'm always praying for everyone
    In need because I was once in their shoes. I wish everyone the best,
    Please keep your faith and prayers active at all times. AMEN!


  2. I’m not lying today in my country is a tornado in a few minutes Friday February 2022 in Belgium

  3. "workers at this candle factory were buried by several tornados that came hurtling in the dark" sweetheart it was just one large tornado

  4. Usaheartbreaking california brownout sa hospital omicron covid-19 z comment tornado storm

  5. Confirmed EF 4 out of season…and worse out of the alley…that’s bad…last time we had a confirmed EF 4 out of season 2015 If I remember correctly…

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  7. This is FRIGHTENING. I’m praying for those who got hurt in these absolutely HORRIBLE and TERRIFYING experience. 🙏

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