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US deputy state secretary visits China amid deeply strained ties and incessant rifts. Wendy Sherman is expected to hold talks with Chinese FM Wang Yi and other officials in Tianjin.

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  1. I am wondering what is the purpose of this new round of meeting. America has already made it clear that it will not allow China to become a superpower. It was declared by Joe Biden. He added that America will do its utmost to stop this from happening. With that conclusion, what is the point for talks? Now it seems the Americans realized that it was (1). Not the right way to treat a foreign power, and (2). It is futile even if it tries.

    Invariably the same old topics are leveled at China, Xinjiang, Uighers, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. But what does it have to do with America? If it really is serious about solving them, do it in private. Why and how so? It is simple. In any discussion and debate, the first and last thing you don't want to do is bring up issues you know will get you nowhere. All those topics or grievances are not new, and China won't budge on them in any circumstances. So why even bothered? I believe it is to embarrass China thinking that such move will put America on front foot. It didn't work in the past, and it won't this time round. So attacking China in such a manner with these old grievances brought China into a defensive mode. All discussions that followed are meaningless.

    America is so used to being able to throw its weight around, it thinks the world still reacts and responds to America's wishes like it used to. Not anymore. A new normal has arrived. America will have to live with that.

  2. How long is the free world going turn a blind eye to the fact that the ccp does not represent the chinese people and is basically a bunch of oppressive criminals no different from say, the triads, cosanostra. No free state should treat the ccp as a sovereign entity. Simply because it is not, it does not a representative of the chinese people.

  3. US politicians should change its strategy by not to allocating $700 billion dollar annually for military superiority, American government spent more than $6 trillion dollars in Middle Eastern countries invasion and occupation since 2001, imagine if that amount of taxpayers money spent on constructive projects in US and elsewhere, not on warfare.

  4. there is nothing to be proud of, this is the impact of your arrogance against the creator, nothing can beat the perfection of his creation.. this is a small example of Allah's wrath for arrogant people like you…Allahu akbar!!!!

  5. The US want to suppress other countries with its dominant power, which make them feel superior to other countries.But I told the US clearly that there has never been a superior country in this world and it is supposed to be so. China does not accept any country that claiming to be superior.If the US still has not learn how to get along well with other countries with equality, then China and the international community have to be responsible to give a lesson to the US.

  6. So she is in China to beg China don't dump their bonds like 2008??
    LoL 🤣 or begging Chinese to lower their export price to ease American domestic inflation??

  7. US says "we have solid evidence of human rights violations in Xinjiang…". Reporters ask "Can you provide actual proof?". US responds "Well, I cannot do that, due to national security".

  8. Biden makes yourself like an idiot who wants to go to China and let China insult U.S, stripped of all the dignity to kowtow China. Trump was right about China they just play U.S into the hand they want. Biden needs to make china happy otherwise China will expose Biden as evidence of corruption.

  9. The US is playing a propoganda game here, they create false tensions and then pretend to be the reasonable party while making increasingly unreasonable demands.
    Sounds familiar huh? They do this because they have gotten away with it on lesser world powers without push back.
    China however is an equal power and is tired of being lied about by a nation that has a long history of doing the things it falsely accuses China (and anyone elses they can't dictate to) of doing, so now China tells them to piss off.
    Good on China.

  10. Consider balochistan free baloch freedom balochistan consider 2025 saal par azadi inasha Allah ameen ameen ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻🌹🌹🌹🌹👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻

  11. The US bluffing drama with China is almost over, and it should be ready to face reality. The reality of the United States is that after a large amount of money printing, inflation has been severe and prices have soared. Its largest creditor countries such as China and Japan have sold U.S. debt for several months, and the reputation of the U.S. dollar has been damaged. Who will pay for it?
    The U.S. representative must remember what Chinese officials said to the Americans in Alaska that the U.S. is not qualified to talk about strength and status in front of China.

  12. Yeah she’s all for the Chinese as well she’s part of the Biden ministration they’re telling the Chinese you can put sanctions on the Republicans all Republicans anyone that’s Republican or near a conservative I will be all OK

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