1. This is pretty tame compared to what Carlson has TOLD HIS OWN VIEWERS TO DO to people whose kids are wearing a mask, among other things.

    Good ol' Tucky likes to dish it out, but crumbles and hides behind his daughter the moment even a fraction comes back on him. Pathetic.

  2. The man did not touch him … If Tucker can talk trash, then he can talk trash. He was not threatening Tucker, and if Tucker doesn't want his daughter exposed to how people feel about him, then he should get another job. – stay up y'aLL …just us here…

  3. Is she insane?

    Tucker Carlson doesn’t get into your face and shout his opinions. You literally have to TUNE IN TO HIS CHANNEL.

    Did she just compare hurricanes and covid to some guy harassing a person in public? Your first amendment right also includes freedom to associate AND disassociate not shouting your ideas into someone’s personal space.

    Is she seriously this f*c*ing stupid??

  4. “Fox propaganda host”

    Wtf does that make you? The “cnn propaganda host”? You people are all delusional. Every news media outlet is propagandizing opinions and manipulating people you damn hypocrite.

  5. I like Don Lemmon, but he is, I think consciously, making a moral equivalence fallacy to appear objective and unbiased…or perhaps to publicly discourage attacks on public figures (of which Don Lemmon is one). However, Tucker invites this sort of thing. He uses his platform to bait his viewers into doing the exact thing that he is now complaining is being done to him. And not just to public figures but to innocent Americans trying to do what is right. He is a racist bigot who uses his bullhorn to incite violence and ignorance and the man who confronted him was absolutely right….his actions have led to the deaths of innocent people. By spreading lies about COVID, by bashing our democratic institutions, by inciting hate and violence he is truly a violent criminal with a fetish for inspiring others to commit the atrocities he would not soil his hands to comit. He's like a media Goebbels.

  6. Thank you Don!!,
    I just saw this clip and your defense of Tucker.
    I watch Tucker and I think hes a great
    Guy with a good political sense of humor, I think more should have that sense of humor.
    I also would like to Thank You Very Much for you Class and Grace that you
    showed in this situation., and yes, I am a conservative….but can't we all just get along??? Let's MAKE AMERICA HAPPY AGAIN!!!!…Together!!!
    Jeannie C.

  7. Bullshit. Nazis don't get respect passes. Tucker Carlson is a criminal, and if the system doesn't put those like him in front of a firing squad, the people should. There is absolutely no reason Carlson, his network, his party, or their so-called churches should be tolerated in a sane 21st century society. A Constitution that does so is self-destructive atavistic horseshit. Republicans are not reasonable people who should be accommodated; they are militant race fascists to be fought and purged from the earth.

  8. Oops did shit just get real Tucker? He's not a reporter or a news anchor, he's the figure head of a propaganda movement. Fuck him. He should've kept his opinions to himself and just reported the news if he didn't want the smoke.

  9. Hahah – Tucker handled it much better than anyone from CNN would have. Ana Navarro lives in a land where all they do is talk because that's what she's used to.

  10. Normally I would agree with you, but he’s actually doing something, that’s causing lives. I believe he should be arrested, for giving information on a public level, that’s causing lives.

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