Finland expected to begin process of joining Nato this week – BBC News

It is widely expected that Finland will begin the process of joining Nato this week. The move will redraw Europe’s security map dramatically and will be seen in Moscow as a hostile act.

For many Finnish people, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has reawakened memories of the country’s own wars against the Soviet Union.

Only the strong military tradition saved the country from being forcibly incorporated into the communist state.

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  1. Забавно видеть истерику европейцев в комментариях. Как только европейцы видят что есть другое мнение по отношению к НАТО то они тут же поносят страну которая выступила против НАТО, а как же свобода слова и демократия ? или она работает не для всех? Мне вот интересно если бы Россия выставила свои ракеты в Никарагуа или на Кубе Американцы бы с этим согласились ? Или если бы Россия двигалась на запад окружая своей мощью Германию, Францию или Англию говоря что это всего лишь расширение безопасности вы бы это поддержали ? я думаю нет ? Но для вас встал приоритет установление своей безопасности за счет чужой так мир не строится. Посмотрите сами вы нарушили договор о не расширении НАТО, вплоть до 2014 года вы приблизились к территориям бывшего советского союза далее вы захотели включить и Украину в свой блок тем самым полностью окружив Россию своими ракетами и при этом вы выставляете нас агресорами вы серьезно??? ВСе действия с Крымом или Украиной это лишь защита попытка обеспечить себе безопасность от НАТО поставьте себя на наше место как бы вы себя чувствовали если бы вашу страну окружал военный блок и лицемерно улыбался что это не против вас это лишь гарант безопасности при этом все наращивая свое военное присутствие у границ вашей страны, а теперь вспомните что было в 1941 (для европейцев 1939) вам это не чего не напоминает ? Теперь понимаете почему у Русских плохие ассоциации с НАТО потому что для нас Она как Германия в 41 именно по этому мы не хотим чтобы альянс находился у наших границ чтобы снова ценой своих жизней не потерять 24 миллиона человек и Вступление Финляндии и Швеции это очередная агрессия, когда наступит 3 мировая и мы снова возьмем Берлин мы вдолбим вам европейцам чувство вины за то что вы натворили и не какая американская пропаганда это вину не исправит помните 3 мировую начала НАТО

  2. 4:42 Yes we are small country of only like 5,5m ppl. We are also sparcely populated.

    But half of the people so far (guys and volunteered girls) have had to go thro army training time) winder how thatll wrk with NATO with only volunteer and barely any train time

  3. Good video!! Very attractive from start to finish. However, the wisest thing that should be on every smart individuals list is to invest in different streams of income that are not dependent on the government to generate money, especially now business and investing is the easiest way to make money regardless of what party makes it to the oval office.

  4. It looks like Finland's ugly deeds during WW2 have come back to haunt them and now Finland is afraid that Russians might take revenge for its occupation of Russian territory and if that wasn't enough, the operating of CONCENTRATION CAMPS in the Russian Karelia between autumn of 1941 and the end of 1942. Finland has done very well here with a death rate among the prisoners of 17%. And didn't even need to use guns to execute. The camps housed mostly the elderly, women, and children. Finland said it had to protect itself against partisan activity (???) Russian elderly, women, and children must be very adept in partisan combat.
    Within this short period of time, an estimated 4,361 civilians were effectively starved to death. Germans did slightly better in Dachau with an average of 6,390 death per year.

  5. Finland must be really worried that Russia might want to take revenge for Finland's occupation of the Soviet territory East Karelia and the concentration camps Finland was operating there during WW2. In typical Finnish heroism, about 24,000 Russian civilians, mostly the elderly, women, and children were held captive there between October 1941 and the end of 1942. Apparently to protect itself from partisan activity. Out of 24,000 civilians imprisoned, 15,000 were left alive towards the end. The remainder perished mostly of famine. Well done, Finland. You couldn't possibly allow the elderly, women, and children to menace Finland, the occupying force. The male population was otherwise busy fighting German Nazis.
    Was Finland being opportunistic and tried to take a chunk of Russian territory while WW2 was raging?. Curiously we do not hear about it. Russian aggression has been the flavour for almost a decade.

  6. Meanwhile, food prices in Finland continue to rise. Most noticeably, coffee, meat, and fish have risen in price. For example, Paulig Colombia cost a little more than 6 euros a year ago, and now it costs more than 8 euros. In winter, a kilo of salmon cost 39 euros, and this is in a country where there are a thousand lakes and logically the fish here should cost less than chicken. A liter of gasoline is approaching 3 euros, while a couple of years ago it cost one and a half euros. The price of electricity rose from 7 cents to 13 cents per kilowatt since 2021 according to Helen. There is a lot of expired food on the shelves in stores such as K-Market and S-Market due to the fact that people cannot afford to buy food in the same volume as before. I see plenty of food with an approaching expiration date which is reluctantly being sold with a discount. According to the logic of sellers, it is better to throw the food into the garbage bin than to lower the price. Whenever I'm shopping in S-Market or K-Market I observe that more and more Finns are looking for food with discount labels.

    In short, the Finnish government is American puppets ready to conduct a self-destructive policy against their own people just for the sake of a pat on the shoulder from uncle Sam. Seeing how the Finnish government is destroying all bridges with Russia for "friendship" with the United States is very upsetting. The opinion of ordinary Finns and people living in Finland is not asked or counted whenever an important and life-changing decision is made on the highest political level. Finnish government didn’t people ask if they wanted refugees flooding their country and taking their jobs, they didn’t ask people's opinion when they imposed sanctions against Russia, the effect of which the Finns already clearly feel on their own wallets. They did not hold a referendum when they decided to join NATO. Well, isn't that a violation of the principles of democracy, freedom of choice, and speech?

    The people are kept in unawareness and are not told what such an anti-Russian policy and promotion of Russophobia can lead to. Local trolls from Ilta-Sanomat and other Finnish mainstream media are doing a "great" job by feeding their audience with a daily portion of Russophobia, blowing up the issue of the Russian threat and the need to join NATO, imposing one point of view on the Finns, and censoring any other point of view. The Finnish government, by the way, has blocked access to Russian news agencies (RIA Novosti, RT, etc.). A clear sign of violation of freedom of choice and speech!

    Actually, all the sources of information on the basis of which articles are created and posted on Ilta-Sanomat and other Finnish mainstream media are either Ukronews (masters of absurd propaganda and fake news), American and British fake news machines like CNN and BBC, or the Russian third column and liberals. In other words, the main sources of information for Finnish mainstream media such as Ilta-Sanomat are those who have been caught more than once in disinformation and fakes. I observe that Finnish mainstream media is now doing everything they can to form the opinion among the Finns that Russia is an enemy and there should be no cooperation or business with it. They diligently encourage citizens to spare money on everything, eat less, use less water, and walk instead of driving to justify government actions and sanctions implied on Russia…

    Finnish trolls from Sanoma Talo are working hard to ignore the economic problems in Finland, the negative effects of the Covid vaccines, increasing crime and unemployment rate, the refugee crisis, etc. It is very convenient for Finnish politicians and elites to keep people unaware of these issues by not raising them and covering them in the articles and instead focusing on the war crisis in Ukraine and Covid vaccines. What is really surprising to me is that Finns seem to be fine with getting brainwashed daily about the war in Ukraine and barbaric Russia, while getting almost no information about how things are going on in their own country, what will be the effect of breaking business ties with Russia, what will be the effect of sanctions against Russia on the Finnish economy. No professional analysis is made before these self-destructive actions are taken by the government.

    They also blame the entire economic crisis on Putin. The correctness of the actions of their government is not even called into question and for general discussion. Was it Putin who broke the contract with Russian Railways on "Allegro"? Was it Putin who refused to pay for cheap Russian gas and energy in rubles? Was it Putin who disconnected Russia from Swift, depriving people living abroad of the opportunity to send money to Russia and perform operations with Rubles? Was it Putin who broke the contract for the construction of Fennovoima, on the project of which more than 100 million euros of taxpayers burned down? Was Putin who closed the airspace to civilian airlines, resulting in Finnair suffering huge losses.

  7. Good for Finland 🇫🇮 and Sweden 🇸🇪
    Japan 🇯🇵 want to join NATO
    konichiwa NATO
    The highest-ranking uniformed officer in Japan's Self-Defense Forces will attend a NATO Military Chiefs of Defense meeting for the first time last Thursday…

  8. 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗪𝗮𝗿 𝗶𝗻 𝗨𝗸𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗜𝘀 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱
    The war in Ukraine is unlike any war that’s been. Although it seems local, this war is changing the world. In the end, after all the pain, the parties will establish new relationships, and new relationships will be established around the world. This war is the beginning of a formation of a new world order, where all parties unite against the one common enemy of all of humanity: egoism. It will take time, but everyone involved will realize, and the whole world with them, that they are not fighting against each other, but against an enemy within them. If we let the idea sink in, even a bit, it will make it happen even sooner.
    The war that began in late February will not end soon. It will take many more months until everyone realizes that war itself, the very concept of it, is evil. In that sense, the war in eastern Europe is correcting all of humanity, transforming our perception and our understanding of good and evil.
    The casualties, the injured, and the lost property are a terrible price to pay. Nevertheless, global processes always come at a cost. We should not blame others for the cost, and we should not think that there is nothing each of us can do to change the world. It is in the hands of every person to change the world for the better, and to make the atrocities of war, and all atrocities that humans are inflicting on each other, disappear. All we need is to realize that the only enemy lies within us—our self-centered attitude. It incites us against each other, demonizes and vilifies anyone who disagrees with us, tells us that we are the only ones entitled in this world, and thereby sets us off against each other. We are all like that, infected with a pandemic of narcissism.
    Nevertheless, there is a lot we can do to change the world. First, we must accept that there is a good reason we are so different from each other. Each of us makes a unique contribution to the world that no one else can. If we were all the same, the contributions we receive from others, and on which our lives depend, would be absent, and we would not survive, in the most physical sense of the word.
    We will realize that our ego is the enemy only when we realize that singularity is the wrong key word for happiness. Today, the key word for happiness is complementarity—mutual satisfaction of each other’s material, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.
    We are living in a world where we are all dependent on each other. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the appliances and gadgets that we use are all made by people we do not know, in places we do not know, and reach us in ways we do not know. But were it not for this chain of myriad unknown individuals, we would not survive, since we cannot provide for our needs by ourselves.
    The same goes for social ties. All our connections, communications, and interactions with other people are made possible with the help of countless people who serve us without our awareness. But were it not for them, we would not be able to work or socialize.
    Despite this obvious fact, we behave toward others with as little consideration as possible, and when we are nice or considerate, it is because we have an ulterior, selfish motive. We do not have the prerogative to keep up this behavior. We are destroying the world and destroying ourselves.
    Back in the 1930s, Baal HaSulam, a great thinker and a great kabbalist, wrote an epic essay titled “Peace in the World.” In it, he writes, “Man is inherently born to lead a social life. Each and every individual in society is like a wheel that is linked to several other wheels placed in a machine.” How odd it is that ninety years ago, before World War II, people already realized that we are all dependent on each other and must behave toward each other with consideration. Just think what we could have avoided had we been more attentive and open-minded.
    Now, too, we are headed for a catastrophe unless we pay attention and begin to act like one entity, one global society that works like a single, united family. The war will change the world, but I hope we can change ourselves before the war changes us.

  9. make decisions of going on offense we are not in agreement with. But regarding standing united and defending against unprovoked threats and aggressions from outside,

  10. I hope all your staff gets arrested for propaganda, fake news, supporting Nazis and enabling war crimes. You "journalists" are criminals. We can see through your manufactured-narrative. Criminals.

  11. When (not if) China tries to take over Taiwan, they will undoubtedly create the same type of counter-effect that Russia probably never considered… the unknown unknowns of public response. The longer such an event takes, the worse the public view of it. If Russia had completed what it had envisioned from the initial 2014 invasion – it would be a different story. China would need a lightning strike island invasion. Something that is fraught with risk.

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