France Cliff Divers & Flood Migrants: VICE News Tonight Full Episode

This is the August 8, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

6:15 VICE News attends a meeting held by the Phoenix advocacy group Poder in Action, where the group will tell a hundred or so attendees that calling on the police for basic services carries too great a risk of harassment or violence. Instagram posts by the group promise a “party” and information about “alternatives to calling the police.

13:55 Residents of De Soto, Missouri, are hoping a USACE report will open the door to a buyout scheme so they can abandon their flood-ravaged homes, as climate change causes escalating insurance costs and safety concerns in the small, midwestern town.

19:40 This month, Lionel Franc attempted to set a world record by jumping headfirst from more than 80 feet into the harbour of La Ciotat in southern France.

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