Full invasion of Ukraine could trigger 'World War Three'

A full invasion of Ukraine by Russia would spread conflict around Europe and could even trigger World War Three, a Ukrainian government minister has warned.

Yuliia Laputina, the minister for veterans affairs – who previously served as a top officer in Ukraine’s equivalent of MI5 – told Sky News that her country was ready to defend itself should Moscow launch a new attack.

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  1. WW3 would mean the drafting of all the snowflake generation and the transgender wanna be men. LMAO Hoorah!

  2. Russia and China are training and gearing up to go to war with the USA….But in the USA millitary they are having transgender training.

  3. ☁︎
    This much I know – When the storm breaks – Each person acts in accordance with their own nature :
    Some are dumb with terror others fled and hide -Some spread their wings like eagles and soar in the wind 🌬

  4. "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones". -Albert Einstein

  5. It will , this will start war trust that.100% and not just any war , war that will strike into the midst of the innocent civilization of countries. War that is completely all out. the end is near.

  6. I have the solution! I say Ukraine tells Russia that their pointing the gun at themselves… So to speak… If I was the president, I would tell Putin that I have a nuclear bomb ready to go off the second the capital is taking over so that whatever land he may inherit will only be a toxic waste land. There would be no winning that war. They’re not pointing nukes at anyone else, just themselves so there can’t be any nuclear retaliation, especially as he is trying to overtake that land so he can have more power and control. He can’t have power and control over something that is equivalent of Chernobyl… war ended…

  7. Russia’s GDP is dwarfed by NATO countries. NATO will not risk boots on the ground but they have announced an increase in military aid. Then there is the danger of miscalculation and cross border events. I would not dismiss the possibility of a Third World War so quickly.

  8. There are only two options here, and Putin knows it. Either NATO backs off and lets Russia take Ukraine and all the surrounding countries. Or soldiers from the NATO countries fight back, kill Russian soldiers and start World War 3. Its a lose lose situation but the lesser of two evils is letting Putin take back Ukraine, and the other countries he wants.

  9. WW3 is avoidable for a certain amount of time, but if Putin attacks Poland or any NATO country then WW3 will definitely happen…

  10. The world is so stupid istg, are they not educated? Have they not learnt about ww11 and hitler? It ruined everything, and everyone. They’ve invaded today, it’s not gonna end well

  11. Keep doubting that there won't be a world war 3 but don't think it won't ever happen because there will be a time it will and it feels like that time is here.

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