Global National: April 23, 2022 | Mixed messages emerge from front lines in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy spoke in person to hundreds of journalists in an underground train station in Kyiv. The president answered questions for more than an hour as Russia continued to pound the front lines. And as western leaders try to re-start negotiations, mixed messages from the front lines are emerging. Mike Drolet has more.

An early and furious start to the U.S. wildfire season: At least 11 million Americans are under a red flag warning to be extremely careful as fast-moving fires sweep through Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. Evacuation orders have been issued for several counties as firefighters battle flames fueled by extreme winds. Jennifer Johnson has the latest.

The Conservative leadership race hit a key benchmark this week. At least eight candidates made the deadline to file the paperwork and submit the first installment of the $300,000 entry fee they need to pay by the end of the month in order to stay in the race. On the West Block, David Akin is joined by two leading lights in Canada’s Conservative movement, former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall and former cabinet minister James Moore to examine the health of this race – and the health of the party.

A battle is brewing in Quebec over a proposed language law that could force college students to take three core courses in French. Anglophone groups say Bill 96 would make many students fail and potentially drive many out of the province. Dan Spector looks at the growing push-back as the legislation nears adoption.

The job market in Canada is red-hot right now and it’s causing a power shift. There are about a million openings across the country and just about the same number of people looking for jobs. Companies are now being forced to offer more than just a paycheque to attract workers. Anne Gaviola has more.

Alberta is leading the world in a program that gets surgery patients back on their feet faster. Along with reducing hospitalization time, experts say the program could also cut costs and pain medication use for patients. Su-Ling-Goh reports.

A thrift store in British Columbia is making a name for itself. Not necessarily for what it sells, but how it’s helping the community it relies on. In just four years the owner of Danny’s Dynamite Deals has donated tens of thousands of dollars to local schools and charities. Kylie Stanton explains why.

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  1. poland and ukraine are warehouses of nato's weapons to delivery to the area and start civil wars, good business for all but could be the begening of a third world war , the mercenaries and neo nazis holding people in the steal factory, and zelensky look each day like a pimp or arm breoker.

  2. Quebec doesn't understand that their French is bastardized version of the French from France. Actually, Quebec is more of a Creole dialect of French. You speak proper french from France, the people won't understand you.

  3. Russian President Putin has made it known he will use nuclear weapons against any country giving aid to Ukraine. Russia asks the Ukraine not to instigate World War 3, yet, the Russian President is just biting at the bit to push the button and unleash nuclear annihilation on planet Earth. Little does the President of Russia realize, there are enough missiles aimed at Russia to render the county uninhabitable for thousands of years and killing nearly every living creature in the country.

  4. Canada’s not allowed protests…😂🤣🤣…Look at what’s happened to the truckers….or the bikers that want to go to Ottawa…..can’t have one without the other…lol

  5. How did civilians ended up with military in the same place in Mariupol Azovstal? Answer is : Human shield. Some may be family and volunteers. Sad times!

  6. 100k viewers out of 38 million people in Canada is not a good sign for a national media,,lol, ..Check out Joe Rogans view count….losers! f……u state media!

  7. Not good leadership premmister Ukraine always demand fierams that's bads puppet premmister Ukraine

  8. Conservatives are the party of hate , no amount of rebanding or leadship change will cover that up , most canadians vote on the left , undermining the PPC is the ONLY way conservatives will ever win , but even that runs the risk of chasing off moderate conservatives

  9. time for nato to wipe out Russian missile launchers. 10's of thousands to be sacrificed so the rest of us stay safe isn't the way.

  10. Ukraine you've got this, it won't matter if Russia got a Path to the Sea 'but they won't', Nobody will Trade Anything with them anyway, 'at least until they got a New Leader' by Ship, besides isn't their Ship at the Bottom of the Sea ?

  11. The housing crisis should be deemed a national security issue. People might riot over this and I'd probably join them.

  12. You can not force people to learn your language.
    If French language is dying, find out why, instead of forcing people to learn an obsolete language in science and engineering, which is mostly in English.

  13. There was no battle for Kiev. McFaul has no credibility at all. The Odessa apartment building was hit by a buk anti aircraft missile. A calibr missile would have flattened the building

  14. ARGH! The French thing! That is so 100 percent WRONG. That is NOT 'protecting French', that is DISCRIMINATION against English! And, no, not everyone 'learns French in high school' in Quebec, there is no shortage of people who do not speak French in Quebec! So, what, they just can't take classes???????? Like I said, DISCRIMINATION. This is exactly why I had to leave Quebec. Being an Anglaphone is too hard – you are constantly treated like garbage, discriminated against, etc.

  15. I see so much in common between the Russia-Ukraine war and American street gang wars. The hate between kin, lives lost for politics sake

  16. This is a battle of good (Ukraine) vs evil (Russia) backed up by the man of sin, the pope.

  17. watching white people argue over which language to speak on land that used to have a multitude of indigenous languages…

  18. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – URGENT WARNING to the World: AIDS Will Be Their Next Move!

    "Dr. Reiner Fuellmich joined us for the second time this week for an urgent warning to the world based on the evidence that he and his team have collected during the Corona Investigative Committee hearings.

    He and his team believe based on a range of factors that the next plan of the globalists is to launch a fear campaign concerning AIDS. This has been made possible through the weakened immune systems of those who have been injected. This echoes advice from experts such as Dr. Zelenko."

  19. None of you people Believe One God the Father Lord thy God made us before were in the womb

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