Global National: Dec. 16, 2021 | Travel advisory frustrates pandemic-fatigued Canadians

On this episode of Global National: Frustration is mounting among airlines and travellers over Canada’s advisory against non-essential international travel. Abigail Bimman has the reaction from pandemic-fatigued people, what experts are warning travellers about and how Ontario is making grim predictions about what could happen if no measures are taken.

And with Ottawa advising against non-essential international travel due to the Omicron variant, several premiers are also telling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau they’re not on board with the measures. David Akin explains why.

Meanwhile, Omicron cases rapidly rise in Europe, multiple countries are taking measures to limit the spread of the highly-contagious variant. Redmond Shannon explains why the United Kingdom is not looking to impose a lockdown.

Also, from dealing with a belligerent Beijing, to an underwhelming result in a pandemic election, Trudeau has faced a mix of successes and failures in 2021. In an interview with Mercedes Stephenson, the prime minister reflects on the ordeal of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, his conservation with Kovrig after the former detainee returned to Canada and on sexual misconduct in the Canadian military.

Plus, Ottawa had promised to help tens of thousands of Afghans, but many are at the mercy of bureaucratic red tape and the delays are proving to be deadly for some people who were already approved to be resettled in Canada. Jeff Semple has the story of a 10-year-old girl named Nazifa, who was killed by the Taliban.

And as Omicron drives up Canada’s COVID-19 cases, it’s fuelling fears the health-care system will again be pushed to the brink. So what does that mean for the country’s front line health workers who are already stressed? Jamie Mauracher spoke to some of them and heard why there’s hope this fifth wave will be easier to fight than the previous four.

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  1. Y'all be safe out here!God is clean his earth and many are perishing during these troubled times.Many people I know has perished during this plague and God ain't finished.We don't truly understand all spiritual things but God knows all things.Stay healthy by consuming Alkaline food,water, sun light,herbs,vitamins,rest and exercise.The vital thing to do in our life is seek& fear God& keep is commandments.God keep your hedge of protection around your people during these troubled times.Stay vigilant.

  2. PCR and rapid testing for fully jabbed coming no doubt. Jabbed or no jabbed, no difference! No numbers on proof that jabbed are having milder symptoms! Cheers to a yet again failed science project!

  3. 2 years into this farce and everyone is still complying. Guess it will go on forever, because Canadians lack spines to actually stand up to the jagoffs enforcing it.

  4. We have never locked down , Never quit visiting Never stopped gatherings and never stopped getting covid . Its no big deal. When OMI can be found in sewage it is already everywhere . The govt is to late to stop anything again. Remember …70% to immunity than 80 then 90 then a booster and then 2 boosters . Im thinking that they have lots of time to kill you so your death will be slow .

  5. I cannot believe people's lives are being controlled by computer modelling rather than actual science. Like any computer configurations, garbage in garbage out. Computer modelling can easily be manipulated to get any results they want. The news reporting cases again based on inadequate tests. KEEP GETTING INOCULATED IT APPEARS TO WORKING 🤡🌍

  6. We’re not “pandemic fatigued”, we’re tired of the over reaction to policies that aren’t based on global evidence! Stop smashing our face that this is high risk when none of the available evidence is showing that, even our own governments skewed and bias data collection isn’t supporting the reactions. Why aren’t you being journalists and reporting on that angle?????

  7. If you are sick of the pandemonic, stop complying and it can all go away. if the jabbed are travelling around the world spreading it, what does that say about the jabs? should something be mandatory if it is neither proven safe nor effective?

  8. how do they quantify and measure what "more transmittable" mean????? How do they measure this?? If I had the flu/cough/cold, and I sneezed and coughed in an elevator, isn't everyone "at risk"?

  9. I think it's rather telling that the CBC has had comments removed for some time now.

    Dissent shall not be tolerated.

    All Hail Trudeau.

    …speaking of which… where is Trudeau? What the hell has he been up to?

  10. Communist dictatorships are not the solution to COVID – never will be. Until we have individuals taking responsibility for themselves rather than relying on stupid politicians and bureaucrats to "solve" the problem, nothing is going to change. This is supposed to be a free country!

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