Global National: May 11, 2022 | Flooding in Canada's North forces thousands to evacuate

On this episode of Global National: Thousands of residents have been forced to flee from their homes, as frigid and catastrophic flooding batters the town of Hay River in the Northwest Territories. Heather Yourex-West looks at the widespread damage and the concerns that even more water is on the way.

With Russia’s aggression now clear after months of war in Ukraine, Finland announced it’s set to formally request to join the NATO military alliance, with neighbouring Sweden expected to follow suit. But as Jackson Proskow reports, they’re doing so as the Kremlin vows to take what it calls “necessary measures” to the Nordic nation’s actions.

After enduring some of the worst attacks of Russia’s invasion, hundreds of Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Zaporizhzhia, after escaping the battered city of Mariupol. Crystal Goomansingh spoke with some about their traumatic journey and what comes next.

To the Conservative leadership race in Canada – it was the first official leadership debate on Wednesday evening for the six candidates vying to become the head of the Conservative Party of Canada. David Akin takes a look at what happened, who may have won or lost the debate and what comes next.

In British Columbia, eagle feathers, which carry sacred meaning to many Indigenous communities, were at the heart of a case that saw 13 Indigenous men arrested for wildlife violations in 2006. Officials alleged they were responsible for dozens of mutilated eagle carcasses, but the charges were eventually dropped. As Neetu Garcha reports, the men have been demanding an apology for years, and now there are calls for a public inquiry into how they were treated.

There’s no escaping Canada’s inflation, and it’s likely been noticed it at the gas station, grocery store and everywhere else. In the first part of Global News’ “Sticker Shock” series, Anne Gaviola looks at how Canadians can better navigate life’s rising costs.

And thanks to the help of ground-breaking technology and years of work, astronomers have managed to capture the first ever image of what’s lying at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. Mike Drolet reports on the out-of-this-world effort it took to catch a glimpse of the supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*.

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  3. I am getting tired of every time there is catastrophic event it is blamed on climate change the population is growing and people are living in area where it use to be a lake or a river system in past and once and a while nature reminds us . We live in deserts and we wonder why it’s drying up the water we cut forests and we wonder why we have mud slides we live in the north and we wonder why rivers get ice dam and flooding happens if humans populate in certain areas of the world of course there is going to be more catastrophic events

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  5. Maybe if you keep pushing abortions in Canada you'll convince people around here. You might as well give coverage to the flat earth society, or Islamists for Honour Killing and Suicide Bombing or Peta or whatever other fringe extremist

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