Global National: May 11, 2022 | Ukraine claims to have made small gains in Kharkiv region

On this episode of Global National: Ukraine says it has made progress pushing back Russian forces and reclaimed small villages in Kherson region. Redmond Shannon reports on how some residents have returned home since their community’s liberation, the pleas for Pope Francis to help and how Ukraine has suspended the flow of some Russian natural gas to Europe.

Getting quick and quality medical treatment is also not easy for Ukrainian troops in a war zone. Crystal Goomansingh visited a hospital in Ukraine, and spoke with some wounded soldiers about the struggles they’re facing.

In Canada, the Peguis First Nation is grappling with unprecedented flooding in southern Manitoba, but it will be far from the last Canadian community to struggle with record-high, rising waters. Eric Sorensen looks at how climate change is transforming Canada’s rivers and lakes and how residents will be forced to adapt to the drastic consequences.

Meanwhile, in the United States, although they knew it was doomed from the start, U.S. Senate Democrats have failed to pass a vote to protect the country’s abortion rights, as a potential Supreme Court decision overturning the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling approaches. And as Jackson Proskow reports, Republicans are already hinting at, if they get their way, a national ban on a woman’s right to choose.

As Canada’s federal government faces calls to improve access to abortion, advocates are now also calling for better access to all types of birth control. Abigail Bimman explains why it’s a complicated topic and how politicians are responding.

With a devastating war raging back home, Ukrainian folk rap group Kalush Orchestra is poised to win the Eurovision Song Contest, the world’s biggest music competition. Heather Yourex-West explains how the band has brought Ukrainian pride centre stage and how its music has turned into a rallying cry.

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  1. Europe is on the brink of economic collapse! Instead of calmly trading with Russia, European leaders follow the lead of the United States by destroying their own population … Meanwhile, all rating agencies call the Russian economy one of the strongest, it was not affected by any sanctions, the Ruble has strengthened by more than 30%. Maybe it's time to stop destroying Europeans, for the interests of a country (USA), which is not even on the same continent, which does not care about the citizens of Europe, which pursues its own interests!? Think about it, European, you personally suffer because the United States did not want to negotiate with Russia in December 2021, on security issues …

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  4. Propaganda.. The Ukraine kill their own people if they try to leave and distroy their own country … you have no clue what's going on here!

  5. Putin has pushed Finland and Sweden to NATO by the brutal war in Ukraine. Putin's actions have sparked fear in these and other Eastern European countries that Putin is planning conquest beyond Ukraine. What was he expecting when he invaded a country and started killing masses of people. Is Putin expecting that that other countries will welcome him with open arms and love him as a benevolent dictator. What has Putin been smoking. Yah people love to be invaded and killed by a marauding murderous maniac that is their next their next door neighbour.

  6. Hi Global if you could focus on trudeau's corruption for a few minutes here & there that would be great, thank you in advance for your dedication to the truth & to Canadian people

  7. natives are lieing about the past and only because the future has change to allow them this, kicked out of their tribes with no place to go in a currency rising world, they looked to the church for free help just like today lol… free anything but nothing was easy then and the priests and nuns could only do so much for hating natives of the time. Natives are still sick indeviduals everywhere that disease our streets and only a few are good enough in society and those few rip off they system! who do you think does the contract work in their location? hmmm? why do you think that machine broke hmmm and over paid and sueing for more money because it broke when it was them that put it in lol ,,,lierrrrrs, bums drunks, squatters, addicts and a few with a degrees and that about sums up natives and first nations.

  8. COVID forestalled collapse of the USA dollar two years ago, with quantitative easing and stimulus checks¹ a thinly disguised printing of money. Defense spending² resulting from the current conflict primes the economy. Western nations need this war.

    Much has been made of the size of Russia's GDP. That is irrelevant if it does not have to import goods from western nations. These nations frantically exchanging financial paper seem-to-be-seen to be surging ahead, but are they? Or, are they just producing inflated numbers that provide an illusion of prosperity? There is little point in adding to the consumer goods fray in a market saturated with gadgets that is past the peak of the curve and in decline.

    With the petro dollar the USA imports consumer goods from China. With money from petroleum sales Russia imports consumer goods from China. Neither nation is able to compete in this market.

    In the final analysis, a nation needs real material and real food. Russia has vast resources and does not have to engage in monetary Ponzi or to implement Agenda 21 in order to survive. Being a gas station, lumber yard, steel mill and granary may very well be the way forward.

    ¹ Quantitative easing and stimulus spending keep western nations afloat. A continuous transfusion prevents death of the patient.

    ² Arms sales are a vital constituent of economic activity. Superior field performance of weaponry attracts more customers. This war will not end anytime soon.

    ¹³ Russia’s debt: $300 billion ($300,000,000,000). USA debt: $30 trillion ($30,000,000,000,000).

  9. Ukraine is completely corrupt and full of neo nazis… oh right, that was only until covid propaganda fell apart and we were told to blindly support ukraine for no apparent reason other than trudeau, biden and every other so called leader is laundering billions of dollars and arming other illegitimate regiems through ukraine's completely corrupt, installed in 2014 government. That's pretty weird hey👌

  10. its not russia! its the fight between the people as ive said over and over again. i understand everyone wants to blame president putin but its president biden that made this happen. president putin is just letting it happen while president biden gives the haters on one side money to continue fighting.

  11. World War III Has Begun; How It Unfolds Depends on Us

    We think of the Russia-Ukraine war as a local conflict, but it is much more than that; it is a global war on multiple fronts. The war is not only a military conflict; it is also an economic war of attrition. With skyrocketing gas prices and shortage of staples, people all over the world are feeling the consequences of the war.

    This war is transforming the entire modus operandi of humanity. Since the dawn of time, we have been accustomed to living by the motto, “survival of the fittest.” By and large, the rule was that the strong determined the rules, and the rules were often abusive toward the weak. Now, it seems like a new mindset has set in: Wanting something and being strong enough to take it does not mean that the world will accept it.

    The war, therefore, is being fought on the inside no less, and perhaps more than on the outside. Our very makeup is changing from abusive to cooperative, from narcissistic to altruistic.

    It hurts, and it will not happen without a struggle, but it is irreversible. This is the path of our evolution toward the purpose of our creation—to encompass within us all of creation. To do that, we must come to care for it, just as a mother encompasses her child through her maternal love.

    The struggle to transition from our current uncaring and mean approach to all creations but ourselves, into wise and compassionate beings is called “the war of Gog and Magog” or Armageddon.

    Since the war is about our inner makeup, we can fight it within us. If we object to struggling with ourselves over who will rule—the ego or love—the physical reality will force us to choose love nonetheless. However, it will do so by hurting us in a very physical way.

    The war in Eastern Europe is nothing compared to what we might have to endure if we resist the process. The horrific descriptions of our sages and prophets hint at it, and we would not want to live through it.

    Alternatively, we can fight this war within us without firing a single bullet. The choice is in our hands. All we need is to continue in the same direction that nature is already leading us: toward connection. If we make an effort to care for one another, even though initially we don’t, then we are moving in the right direction. If we try to resolve conflicts not with guns or even legal battles, but by strengthening the care and friendship between us, then we are saving lives and sparing torments from countless people.

    In conclusion, let us try to rise above the hatred and see the human on the other side, who suffers too. Let us think that this war was given to us so we would think about each other more than we have so far. After all, were it not for this war, we would not notice one another. Now that it is here, we are no longer indifferent. Although our feelings our currently negative, now that we are aware of them, we can work on them together and turn them around. These are the wars of the Messiah who moshech [Hebrew: pulls] us out of the ego, and into mutual love.

  12. Lol at least Global is more calm with its Ukraine reports than American media like NBC which today reported that Ukrainians are pushing Russians back to border vs moving them towards. Lol a push implies overwhelming force which of course Ukrainians do not have even if had the weaponry.

  13. Biden's America. You voted for that divisive clown. STOP VOTING LIBERAL!!!

    We're having problems up North with our authoritative, traitorous, dictator……. Too many immigrants voting left…….

  14. Guess they won't have women's votes any longer, aside from those who don't believe in a woman's right to choose – I hear a lot of "My body, My choice" when it comes to helping to protect their community from the spread of a potentially deadly virus though. Big deal about labour force participation, they've tricked us ALL into working harder for less than half the pay. What we need is control over the cost of labour and having a much smaller labour pool may assist us with this. That's just one of the reasons why our government in Canada is bringing in so many immigrants – they don't seem to want us to have a fair wage, or affordable housing, or a reasonable cost of goods and services – bringing in more people will just makes prices gat more out of hand while impoverishing Canadians further.

  15. Every time videos are shown of Ukraine I see people weeping. I can only say "come Lord Jesus, take your faithful home and end our world the home of sin and sorrow.

  16. Climate change… nonsense…not man made .. the GSM has arrived, more rain because of a cooling earth; the air cannot hold as much water as it cools faster and releases it as condensation as water or snow

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