Gravitas: India's wheat exports avert global food crisis

India’s wheat exports reached a record high in April, topping 1.4 million tonnes. Can India sustain this level of supply? Will India’s exports avert a global food crisis? Palki Sharma tells you.

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  1. When 1966 after war with Pakistan which was aided and abetted and heavily armed with advanced weapons and tanks provided by the USA in 1965 and already suffering from poverty the new Indian prime minister went to USA during her world tour and asked for wheat loan from the USA, an Alabama news paper titled it's report as "new Indian leader comes begging for food",

  2. For many years, WION has been defending the US and western nations. Now, they have had enough. Not that I'm any fan of China. But if India/China/Vietnam/Thailand/Malaysia can make peace and form a new trade alliance, western countries will come knocking begging for help. Not disrespecting Pakistan by not mentioning them, but they dont have the resources to export, they need to feed their own citizen first.

  3. Meanwhile western countries continue the war mongering. Maybe its finally time to western nations to step up rather than trying to run the world into the ground. Like i said before. Its time for these unelected superpowers to be stripped of all assets, bank accounts emptied and distributed evenly to every 7 – 8 billion ppl on earth, then have them thrown in jail for treason, war crimes, market and media manipulation on top of the many crimes they have commited over the last 7 decades.

  4. Everything is fine… thanks for completing u all…but world should MAKE TRADE WITH INDIAN MARKET IN RUPEE….otherwise india shouldn't export there things….🙏
    I wish modi ji do that…world was never and ever have been good for us …but we indian were always there for world……*karma* plays a role 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. India is great! Cultural is great! I have tremendous respect for India! The fastest growing country. But if India takes part in solution then why isn’t there any solution for poverty ? Solution for slums? Solution for better CLEAN environment? Why Indians leaving their beloved country to live in the west? Plastic pollution ? Why India doesn’t take part in being more eco-friendly? We worship Mother Earth but unfortunately we don’t ever respect with our actions.

  6. Flip flop India. WION declares, India will feed the world . Lol. 3 weeks later, India bans wheat export, causing skyrocketing wheat prices around the world, causing even more hardship for poorer nations.

  7. Sending arms by US to Ukraine DOES NOT EXTEND THE WAR, which is what you said, it helps an invaded country to gain their independence from aggressive imperialistic Russia. Would you use the same language if China invaded India to argue that India should not fight to defend itself and not extend the war? How biased!

  8. FYI

    Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of wheat during 2021.

    Russia: US$7.3 billion (13.1% of total wheat exports)

    United States: $7.29 billion (13.1%)

    Australia: $7.2 billion (13%)

    Canada: $6.6 billion (11.9%)

    Ukraine: $4.7 billion (8.5%)

    France: $4.6 billion (8.2%)

    Argentina: $3 billion (5.3%)

    Germany: $2 billion (3.6%)

    Romania: $1.8 billion (3.3%)

    India: $1.7 billion (3.1%)

    Bulgaria: $1.4 billion (2.5%)

    Kazakhstan: $1.1 billion (1.9%)

    Poland: $994.3 million (1.8%)

    Lithuania: $826.2 million (1.5%)

    Hungary: $670.8 million (1.2%)

    The listed 15 countries shipped 91.8% of globally exported wheat in 2021 by value

  9. In 1951 food shortage India asked America to give it wheat to feed the starving people ,instead they gave us the grain that was fed to pigs. When the crisis was over Indian PM urged us to keep one day fast so that we can stock up on wheat, the same stocked up wheat was sent to America. This was a slap to America. Funny how things are working now. Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  10. Modi promised that India will save the world with its wheat and then this became nothing but a lie…just like Bollywood movies…just showing off 🤣😅😆😁😄

  11. Ukrainian president Zelenskiy knows that Ukraine won't get new harvest of wheat and other grains this year, but still tries to sell it to Europe because he's the worst enemy for Ukrainians. Europe and the USA are eager to take as much Ukrainian grain as those only can give. Europe is afraid of African refugees (a few coming years Europe's expective about 60 mullion african refugees ). The USA as always dreams to resell Ukrainian grain to Africa to earn a couple of extra dollars and get another possibility to manipulate governments of African countries as they always did. This grain in Ukrainian seaports is the only food that can save Ukrainians from hunger. Russia is the only who thinks about Ukrainian population. Such a sad story ….. .

  12. Please also explain how the prices have gone up in India due to some one's drastic decisions. How the India's reserve also got emptied at the same time by the same government (your master) or your channel is more into hiding the plight of Indian people and boasting one person's ego

  13. It's the liberal-based press that tells stories which are biased against India. CNN is no prize for accurate information and must not be relied upon. WION should be diligent in research – find out which news corporations accepted cash from liberal governments and expose them to your viewers. Keep on exposing them. One of the reasons we refer to WION is that it seems unbiased.

  14. Please don't criticize Donald Trump. He tried to improve the lot of humanity and especially Americans, which is more than can be said of the current actor-occupier of the oval office. The current illegitimate regime hates humanity and sees us as carbon polluters to be made servile and compliant, unless we are his donors or his family. Prove me wrong.

  15. Yes countries need to be part of the solution
    but most of powerful countries they themselves becoming part of the problem
    Ukraine and Russia war need to stop no country should encourage other country to do war with providing arm supplies instead they need to try to stop the war.
    In case of global hunger report they will show
    India as worst and same people will ask India to export wheat what a comedy (Doble standard )country leaders or politicians existed in this world.

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