Gutfield blasts CNN over crime coverup

‘The Five’ discusses the media’s response to the rise of violent crime

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  1. Liberal Democrat news media tune "MIGHT" change, if a family member gets shot at and is injured or killed.
    But, it is OK to say there is no violent crime happening.
    Sad, really sad.

  2. So grateful that y’all are doing a wonderful job on telling us THE TRUTH, not ‘your truth’, like CNN & other ‘major’ networks always do. God bless all y’all at Fox 🦊!
    I watch y’all on YouTube everyday & it’s so refreshing to get serious news (& a bit of humor) from professionals who can back up what they say with facts & usually some video clips, too. I also appreciate that y’all are not ‘sensitive’ & have such a great sense of humor! Thank you for being so informative AND hilarious. Now I, like you, can be smart AND funny!🤣💞❤️🇺🇸💙💞

  3. You ever notice how they go to a commercial just before Tarlov goes into her liberal spiels? Looks like they’re hoping those of us with short spans of attention will simply click to the next video sparing her any further embarrassment.

  4. That police chief is absolutely right just look at nyc it's like back in the 80s drug dealers running buildings and entire neighborhood's it's crazy this is out of hand the police lock up scumbag criminals and they are back in the streets the very next day, were i live one scumbag criminal got arrested with a gun and he was back in the streets the next day I was like 🤔🙄🤨😖😱 this is what we have come to letting criminals run wild. Dam democrats are scumbags

  5. Hey CNN are you sleeping 😴 do you know anything what is happening all around us at all ? Agfanistan all weapons and citizens friends left back boader mess, vaccinations mess ,
    Army chief calling China 🇨🇳 behind the standing President you cannot be so covering their asses to such a level.

  6. Even the fools who have been life long democraps must wake up and realize how completely worthless and dangerous the democraps are. Wake up, sober up and dump the filthy democraps NOW.

  7. GOD, I HATE DON LEMON!!🤮 😡. Crime, what crime? I went out to eat and I didn't see any crime 🧐
    Oh, yeah "name drop" of the fancy restaurant 🙄🙄🙄 "perhaps you've heard of it"?
    Gaaaaahhhhh!!! 😫😫😫

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