Hannity: Liberals are panicking

‘Hannity’ host takes aim at ‘flip-flopping’ Democrats. #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. Biden is a imbecile and a baffoon. Fauci is no doctor either. Both are just ruining our lives. The vaccine is not recommended by International Doctors. FDA did not approve it. Liar Biden

  2. They have deleted many of my freedom of speech to comment about Pregnant women carrying newborns and Covid-19 and the history Thalidomide drug scandal and how that deformed the poor babies.

    I feel I have to repost this on many threads now to fight them who is deleting my comments.

    Pregnant women should not take any foreign substance into their bodies to hurt babies, are we going to ignore the fact some women died from blood clots?. Why is the dead being ignored.

    We have seen this has happened to women how much more this will happen to pregnant ones!..We need to protect the new born.

    The Government has no right to do this!.

    By the way Rev. 13:18 The Beast Mark for it is the number of a man, this means It's physical and not invisible spiritual meaning. And Covid-19 is not the mark but government to control you is.

    The government tries to stop me I will tell them…Psalm 23

    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

  3. Idk the surge seems worse than before vaccinations even were available when tx reopened cases were down now with half vaccinated cases are soaring and it’s dangerous

  4. I personally feel bad for the Physicians and Nurses and all Medical Staff, Fast Responders they have to work so hard to save lives for those who didn't take the vaccines. This is what happens when you listen to your governors and not SCIENCE now they are paying for it. That is what happens when you VOTE for your former president who said it will go away. NOW BIDEN is on TOP of it and doing what he can not like your former republicans who voted for him if they did they all would of been dead. Don't go after the Democrats they said it you ignored it now you deal with it. FYI: STOP blaming the Immigrants cause they have nothing to do with it. IMPEACH the following governors from the midwest and in the south texas, florida etc..

  5. That’s the same as the uk 🇬🇧 our pm is doing the very same to us here how bad can they get watch this space? Govts all round the world are in it together killing there own people we have to put a stop to it now!!!

  6. This was 7 years ago, when Democrats including Joe Biden and Joe Manchin were trying to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. (It's still $7.25)…

  7. No the Republicans are panicking because of them their voters and their children are dying of Covid 19 and dropping like flies. Also the Republicans are in for a big upset in 2021.

  8. I will be totally surprised if the Democrats don’t try to initiate Marshall Law before this ends, I believe that Crazy Joe and his criminal entourage are following Hitler’s play book.

  9. Hannity/FOX/Trump/Q-Anon/AlexJones/Tucker et al know the level of dumb their core audience is and they auto-pilot the lies and dogshit on a daily basis, cos they know the dumb will happily gobble it all up = its good for business ….. in defence of continuous dogshit lies, FOX lawyers stated in court that no reasonable person should believe FOX lies, in other words, FOX defence in court was to refer to the level of dumb of the audience and the court accepted/agreed …. and not one FOX/Trump fan is smart enough to understand this.

  10. The government's job is not to save me. if u are waiting for that u will be waiting for a long time.. How about letting ppl make their own decisions and take care of themselves?

  11. It wasn't that long ago that no one cared if I was sick or not. If I called into work, I needed a doctors not to prove I was really sick. I stayed home until I felt well enough to function. A shot of Day Quill, and off I went. So Covid – 19 kills, so do cars, so do guns, so does diabetes, so does smoking, so does a myriad of other things. The vaccine doesn't work, masks don't work, social distancing doesn't work, and they have blown this "Pandemic" so out of proportion, that no one with a brain, believes anything they say!

  12. Back to normal? 🤔🤔🤔😮😮😮 👏👏👏 great!! Original NATIVE AMERICAN land before European theivery. Sounds perfect to me. Now that's AMERICA. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. The Republicans have become the anti-democracy party.

    Conservatives believe in an America that never really was,
    and hate the REAL America for what it is.

    They are the opposites of patriots.


  15. Where are the republicans? They should go to Biden right now and say enough is enough – the border must close and we must follow the law. But the republicans are nowhere in sight just allowing these communists to further establish their dictatorship for Americans.

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