‘Historic’: Secretary Buttigieg Talks Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg talks to Chris Hayes about the infrastructure deal that survived a key vote in the Senate on Wednesday night: “Every transportation decision is also a climate decision.”
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  1. They are slowly taking away our constitutional RIGHTS!the deep state is committing SABOTAGE on our country,please listen to the congressmen fighting for our DEMOCRACY!

  2. Why don't they call out the National Guard to STOP THE VIOLENCE!THINK!CHICAGO,NEW YORK,BORDER TOWNS ARE FILLED with VIOLENCE-SHOOTING,KILLING-the admin is doing NOTHING!

  3. It doesn't matter if it's a leaf collection bill, the misandrist (man-hating) Democrats will throw preferential exceptions or inclusion and money to women, using "the children" as a shield.

  4. I just met an 'adult' who believes,BRAINWASHED to believe ALL cops are killers!!!Cops have saved lives&helped people for generations-they have lost their own LIVES!Yes,some are evil's killers! ABSOLUTELY NOT ALL!MANY HAVE BEEN,ARE,HEROES,DO THE RESEARCH-Don't be brainwashed,find the TRUTH-

  5. New York was bankrupt until Biden and palosi flooded the state with other people’s money. They are black topping interstate highways and rebuilding bridges with union labor. We don’t need another trillion dollars

  6. Found this conversation interesting with pete as with most politicians they have no problem spending other people’s money and pete was very good at it as South Bend In. used to be a good place but like a lot of midwest towns and cities a lot of business closed or left because of higher operating costs and taxes but pete left South Bend in a mess but it’s everybody’s else’s fault not his and the last time I checked the transportation systems of every state is their problem that’s why the states collect tax money at the gas and diesel pump and the trucking industry also pays a highway road tax for every mile that’s traveled which begs the question what do the states do with all that money? And pete made the comment about Portland’s cable cars stating with the higher temperatures the electric wires were sagging ahhh isn’t that Portland’s problem as they charge money to ride sooo what are they doing with the money? Why should people in this country pay for things in other states that they most likely never use because politicians haven’t got a clue on how to run a business and until people understand that running a state, county, town or city it’s a business plain and simple

  7. The infrastructure bill turns all the roads into private roads run by corporations. Toll booths at the end of your drive way and a 200 dollar commute to work and back. Thanks politicians.

  8. Yay! Selling out to the private sector. Way to go f@&k america. But what else can be expected of a bill by republicans and republican democrats. Way to show how corrupt you are.

  9. Trump is pouting and pitching a fit because Congress is going to authorize spending money for bridge repair, high-speed Internet, clean water, and climate change resilience. Tells you a lot. And the fascists who hate this deal think that by ratio-ing the video, they've really done something. ROFL

  10. Two key terms in this infrastructure bill are " public-private partnership" and
    "asset recycling". is pretty much the same policies that the Trump administration advocated for. Massive giveaways to huge corporations.

  11. America's last major modernization plan took place during the Great Depression & post-WWII; it was deliberately exclusionary/toxic. An innovative infrastructure plan in the 21st century has the potential to lay the foundation for America's future. Expanding high-tech renewable self-sustaining resources to include areas previously excluded will prove to be of greater value overall as technology becomes more sophisticated. However, private/public partnerships that privatize essential public service, tend to burden people with unaffordable rates/usage fees.

  12. I do not trust any Democrat that believes in bipartisan republicans. Because there is no such thing. Republicans are all corrupt and to praise interacting with them makes that person suspect.

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