Housing Discrimination: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver breaks down the long history of housing discrimination in the U.S., the damage it’s done, and, crucially, what we can do about it.

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  1. Along with the color discrimination there is now a discrimination along the lines of youth. Boomers had it much easier financially. All young people should get reparations.

  2. "a nation of Roses and Angies getting absolutely day wasted on our porches"
    It's hilarious but it's also honestly and seriously a world I want to live in. And I don't even drink that much !

  3. All these idiotic laws will be rendered immediately void when you tell these racist morons that Arabs and Indians are "members of the Caucasian race". Especially the Arab one has got to irk them. Funnily enough, Slavs are not members of the caucasian race, mainly because the people who invented that term – late 18th century German historians, not even biologists, considered Slavs to be barbarians and brutes, unfit for membership in the white club. Unlike Arabs and Turks, who at the time had some decent empires.

  4. Uhhh yeah hoping she already found a way to list the companies for both of the prior two home evaluators because both companies deserve to have their images damaged for this racist BS.

  5. As a middle/upper-middle class white dude who still lives at home with his parents, there are a couple Thomas Kincade paintings in my house lol. In fact, I think we the one shown in this episode.

  6. Realistically in a democracy everyone votes for what benefits them. An appeal to reparations is unlikely to get mainstream support considering that the majority of America is not black and the paying of reparations from tax revenue doesn't benefit anyone that isn't black. The majority of White people, Asians, and Hispanics aren't going to vote for reparations because they don't see any of the benefits directly.

    Is there a moral argument for it? Yes. Is it the "right" thing to do? Yeah. Will it happen? Probably not. It's basic math and human nature.

  7. He accidentally admitted a key worry of anti-reparation voters. "We're not talking about reparations for slavery, we're talking reparations for housing discrimination".

    So once all African Americans get a check for millions, they're going to turn around and ask for another check? "Oh no no no, that $20 million check was for what happened during slavery, I need another $20 mill for housing discrimination".

  8. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I don't think cash reparations would do much. Some would invest is wisely, but if everyone treated it like a tax break and just lived it up, it'd just be back to business as usual after a couple of months (save that some companies would make bank). All that money would just be instantly reabsorbed.

    Why not a housing credit and maybe subsidizing public schools so they don't have to rely on property tax to provide an education? Wouldn't that be a better long term solution to raising people out of property?

  9. YO but they suuuuuure love sayin how they got where they are by the sweat of their brow. shiiiiit buuuuuuullshiiiiiit. yall got all yall nice shit by fuckin people over. plain and simple.

  10. I have a copy of the deed/abstract of title from when our house was built in 1945. It specifically States the property cannot be sold to Blacks, Jews, or Catholics. Smh

  11. This is old news though. I went through appraiser training. Covenants are written in by private citizens. But these covenants themselves are not enforceable. And you can’t just take them of the books. It’s part of the chain of title. Not defending them. Just adding some fair context there. The covenants are like a history of the property. The stain of racism might even lower the value. Appraisers are ethically bound to stop the practice.

    The history is very accurate though. This is all true. Chicago was known as the most segregated city in the north.

  12. Yes but the how is the problem and that needs to be addressed. How many generations back and forward will get it? What if you are mixed African American and something else? How will they verify who gets the money? These are real problems with reparations.

  13. 2 points and one comment John
    point 1 every race of people has been enslaved at some point in time none of them ever received reparations. Example the Jews in Egypt and the Holocaust the Jews seem to have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps with no reparations. Handouts are not the answer
    Point 2 before you start telling the federal government to give reparations money you should give away all of your own money first for that is the only money you control.
    Now for the comment John I love your show and I've been watching you for years I've learned a great deal from the shows keep up the good work

  14. The hypocrisy needs reigned in. I'm tired of seeing things like cathedrals and museums being constructed with a sign outside "apolegitically" acknowledging the people the land was stolen from. If you are sorry, pay them for it or return it. Otherwise, you are not sorry and just need to shut up

  15. We can't prevent them from rolling back our voting rights, or get a bill to stop police brutality & the unequal criminal system, now they're trying hard to prevent us from learning about constitutional racism (CRT), which would give us the knowledge & tools to dismantle systematic injustice…. so we can forget about ever getting reparations.

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