How Air Conditioning Is Warming The World

Summer 2021 is shaping up to be one of the hottest in history, as the effects of climate change are becoming ever clearer. Naturally, that’s led to an increase in global demand for air conditioning, which itself is a major contributor to global warming. It’s a vicious cycle, but there are a number of companies working to make heating and cooling more energy efficient, and get buildings off of fossil fuels for good.

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How Air Conditioning Is Warming The World


  1. Meanwhile Phoenix AZ had its best summer in memory. We had loads of rain to refill our reservoirs. 4 days in a row under 100 deg. in August, the hottest month for us normally. Last summer we had more days over 110 deg than any other year on record.

  2. Air conditioning isn't a problem. Dirty electricity is the problem. Everyone wants electric cars soon – electricity demand is going to absolutely skyrocket. What we need is enormous amounts of clean electricity. We already know how to make that – we just have to do it. There is no technical problem – it's a political problem. Grid storage is a solution. Nuclear is a solution.

  3. "Poor people need to give up their air conditioning, but private jets, dozens of mansions, and luxury yachts are all fine for rich people!"
    Stay classy, Western media.

  4. I was really into taking care of the Earth and was genuinely concern about Global warming. Wanted to jump on the band wagon and fight global warming until I realize that countries and corporations has learn how to capitalize Global Warming through carbon credits.

  5. Heat pumps lose a lot of efficiency once temperature drops below 40F (4C). Most places easily get this cold during the year. Also as a Texan who lost power for a week this year when temps hit 4F (-16C) I am extremely thankful for my natural gas that kept flowing. Having redundant energy sources is extremely important especially with this extreme weather we are getting due to climate change.

  6. If we really want empowered change, we must look beyond currencies that put prices on our heads. Any worthwhile currency must be based on the work of the people. Such a currency must be free to use: no tax, fees, costs. Only then can a currency be regarded as a true exchange of energy. Add to this a ‘bank’ that pays for education and infrastructure, and we have a currency that values creating experiences to empower the most people in the most sustainable way possible.

  7. Let's not address the problems with upcoming Electronic Vehicles with the ever increased demand for electricity production to charge them all. In addition, where are all those used up batteries going to be stored in the environment and yet avoid further pollution from heavy metals. Trying to solve one problem is still tending to create just another category of problems for our later generations to inherit all over again.

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