How billionaires like Elon Musk pay less tax than you – BBC News

In 2007 and 2011, Jeff Bezos paid $0 in income tax. Same for Elon Musk in 2018.

So how do billionaires end up paying less tax than you?

Here’s how the ‘Buy Borrow Die’ mantra has become common practice amongst many of the ultra-wealthy.

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  1. That was a very nice misleading headline you’ve got there BBC. Your headline implies that Elon musk he left send my $10,000 I paid in taxes last year. But that’s not the case. This is the kind of slippery reporting and slippery language that the left continuously uses to make people believe that the rich don’t pay any taxes or they pay less taxes than a janitor.

  2. Fair play to self made millionaires/billionaires. They've made their own money. Why should it be taxed heavily. What many people don't see is that so many of these mega self made rich people put their money where the government won't. They get to make that choice. Charities, foundations, needy etc. The greedy money driven bosses of companies such as British Gas, BBC, ITV, Banks etc SHOULD be taxed heavily. When those companies clients and customers are at breaking point with not being able to afford the charges and the bosses still get millions in bonuses then those are the ones to be hit hardest. (disgusting and disgraceful practices) Those types of big earners are purely in it for money in their banks and not for good causes or reasons. You have to admire MAKING money rather than being GIVEN money.

  3. Stop sending out propaganda to fill your quota or I dare you to publish his tax forms….. exactly what I thought misinformation he actually pays more tax than anyone has ever payed Elon musk now I suspect Jeff bazos however seems like a selfish guy with him i wouldn't be suprised

  4. I think the thing to remember is that these people are worth what they are worth because you buy what they are selling. You can't reasonably criticise Jeff and buy from amazon without being a hypocritical person.
    When you create something that the vast amount of the world wants you kinda entitled to such luxuries of this magnitude.
    If you don't believe this tax system is right then don't buy from any company associated with a billionaire and see how much you really mind.
    Mabe the problem isn't who pays how much but where the money goes.

  5. I don't know how taxes work in the UK but in France, as far as I know, we pay too much taxes, this is why there's so many tax invasion in that country.
    What intrigues me is the fact that these people are richer than most countries yet they pay less tax. I know the context is not really the same but in a capitalist society like the United States I find kind of inappropriate to win so much and pay less whereas there's people living in poverty and struggling in life. I don't know, it's wierd.

  6. They alot employ alot more people than you. Tax them for doing well in life? If I was them and people want to tax me I would cash out and shut down my companies and then see how much people want to complain about my tax bill.

  7. Net worth isn't income. Its simple.
    You cant tax borrowing, thats messed up. Lol. When i pay back government will give me tax back???

    Stop complaining, work hard, work smart and be successful.

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