How Russia Could Respond If Finland Joins NATO

As Russia continues its bombardment of Ukraine, Finland’s president and prime minister have issued a joint statement urging NATO membership “without delay” after years of neutrality on the continent. Distinguished Fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Joe Cirincione, joins News NOW to explain why Finland now wants to join NATO and how Russia could respond if its neighbor becomes a member. 

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  1. What puzzles me is that russia attacked ukraine because it avoids nato to be in their next door,But then if ukraine becomes russia , russia will still be next door to nato by poland . This means the war will continue endlessly because according to russia their main goal is to cleanse itself from nato neighbouring countries.

  2. Russia will create military artificial islands on the Baltic , Norwegian
    sea , Barents Sea, North sea to encircle Scandinavia.Militarization of
    this Russian artificial islands and Russian isles like Novosibirsk
    islands, New Land Nowa Ziemla, Wrangel Island, Land of Francis Joseph
    russian island and Fininsh-Russian border, Russia will instal nuclear
    warheads and mini nukes and anti-missile shields

  3. I live in Finland and I don't see freedom of the press here. Most articles are pro-West with a biased agenda aimed to whitewash the narrow-minded and self-destructive actions of the government, following blindly the orders from the USA and UK. Ilta Sanomat moderators are deleting or blocking comments with a different point of view that is different from the point of view they impose on their readers instead of providing information from both sides and allowing the readers to form their own point of view.

  4. Russia isn't going to do anything if Finland or Sweden join NATO, they have nothing but ambiguous threats, nothing else at this point. 🇬🇪

  5. Meanwhile, food prices in Finland continue to rise. Most noticeably, coffee, meat, and fish have risen in price. For example, Paulig Colombia cost a little more than 6 euros a year ago, and now it costs more than 8 euros. In winter, a kilo of salmon cost 39 euros, and this is in a country where there are a thousand lakes and logically the fish here should cost less than chicken. A liter of gasoline is approaching 3 euros, while a couple of years ago it cost one and a half euros. The price of electricity rose from 7 cents to 13 cents per kilowatt according to Helen. There is a lot of expired food on the shelves in stores such as K-Market and S-Market due to the fact that people cannot afford to buy food in the same volume as before. I see plenty of food with an approaching expiration date which is reluctantly being sold with a discount. According to the logic of sellers, it is better to throw the food into the garbage bin than to lower the price. Whenever I'm shopping in S-Market or K-Market I observe that more and more Finns are looking for food with discount labels.

    In short, the Finnish government is American puppets ready to conduct a self-destructive policy against their own people just for the sake of a pat on the shoulder from Uncle Sam. Seeing how the Finnish government is destroying all bridges with Russia for the sake of "friendship" with the United States is very upsetting. The opinion of ordinary Finns and people living in Finland is not asked or counted whenever an important and life-changing decision is made on the highest political level. Finnish government didn’t people ask if they wanted refugees flooding their country and taking their jobs, they didn’t ask people's opinion when they imposed sanctions against Russia, the effect of which the Finns already clearly feel on their own wallets, and they did not hold a referendum when they decided to join NATO. Well, isn't that a violation of the principles of democracy, freedom of choice, and speech?

    The people are kept in unawareness and are not told what such an anti-Russian policy and promotion of Russophobia can lead to. Local trolls from Ilta-Sanomat and other Finnish MSM are doing a "great" job by feeding their audience with a daily portion of Russophobia, blowing up the issue of the Russian threat and the need to join NATO, imposing one point of view on the Finns, and censoring any other point of view. The Finns, by the way, have blocked access to Russian media (RIA Novosti, RT, etc.). A clear sign that they are afraid of the truth because Russia has not blocked Finnish MSM!

    Actually, all the sources of information on the basis of which articles are created and posted on Ilta-Sanomat are either Ukronews (masters of absurd propaganda and fake news), American and British fake news like CNN BBC, etc., or the Russian third column and liberals. In other words, the main sources of information for Finnish news agencies such as Ilta-Sanomat are those who have been caught more than once in misinformation and fakes. Actually, the Finnish media are now doing everything they can to form the opinion among the Finns that Russia is an enemy and there should be no cooperation or business with it. They diligently encourage citizens to spare money on everything, eat less, use less water, and walk instead of driving to justify government actions and sanctions implied on Russia…

    Finnish trolls from Sanom Talo working hard to ignore the economical problems in Finland, crime rise, unemployment rate, and refugee crisis. It is very convenient for Finnish politicians and elites to keep people unaware of these issues by not raising them and covering them in the articles and instead focusing on the war crisis in Ukraine and Covid vaccines. What is really surprising to me is that Finns seem to be fine with getting brainwashed daily about the war in Ukraine and "evil" Russia, and getting almost no information about how things are going on in their own country, what will be the effect of breaking business ties with Russia. No professional analysis is made before these self-destructive actions are taken by the government.

    They also blame the entire economic crisis on Putin. The correctness of the actions of their government is not even called into question and for general discussion. Was it Putin who broke the contract with Russian Railways on "Allegro"? Was it Putin who terminated the supply of cheap Russian gas and energy? Was it Putin who disconnected Russia from Swift, depriving people living abroad of the opportunity to send money to Russia and perform operations with Rubles? Was it Putin who broke the contract for the construction of Fennovoima, on the project of which more than 100 million euros of taxpayers burned down? Was Putin who closed the airspace to civilian airlines, as a result of which Finnair suffered huge losses.

  6. Wish it is which is exactly the reason why they are going to join NATO we don't need any bullies in the world anymore

  7. the US never stops its aggression, I read today, it is "reacting" to NKs missiles. Well, NK had missiles for a long time now,So what is this reaction now all of a sudden? The US is on a war path again. 1000 military bases around the world. says it all, and now this Ukraine thing that was planned a decade ago. Just to stir a war again. Disgusting, vile, primitive US war mongers

  8. Just FYI to finland 🇫🇮 ….if russia 🇷🇺 threatens you with nuclear weapons , threaten back with we will then blow up multiple nuclear power plants and cooling ponds …oooo by the way russia 🇷🇺 has 38 operational nuclear power plants within in country …see now finland has NUCLEAR WEAPONS …..if there is a will there is a way !!!!

  9. According to the Finnish YLE, anti-Russian sanctions have led to a jump in fuel prices. Which forced ordinary Finnish citizens to steal gasoline and diesel fuel.
    "As a rule, fuel is stolen from large construction sites … as well as from agricultural or forestry facilities," the publication says.

    The article notes that there have been cases of theft of gasoline from trucks and cold storage. Moreover, then some enterprising Finns resell the stolen fuel.
    Finland and Russia have recently had mutually beneficial relations. What happened to the Finns? :((

  10. If Russia observed Finland and Sweden territories could be used against Russia, the response n result will be much strong than the Ukraine.

  11. Hey Finland, does it worth it to please US by joining NATO while loosing:

    -Electricity supply from Russia

    -Gas supply from Russia

    -Loosing neutrality status and as a result Russian "Islander" missiles are already on the way to Finland border

    -Loosing freight traffic passage through Saimaa Canal

    -Loosing very generous Russian tourists

    and many many more…

    What do you get from NATO membership? Military bases with lots of army ammunition and as a result potential target for Russian rockets.

    Stupidity doesn't have boundaries…

  12. It should be noted that almost eighty years ago London declared war on the fine Finns even though the Finns fought a just war against the Soviets.

  13. Ignorant of Turkeys interest the Americans demonized their NATO ally, and now comes time for payback by Erdogan. VETO

  14. LOL FINLAND IS BIG IN ITS COUNTRY BUT SMALL AS A BUG COMPARED TO RUSSIA'S POPULATION, LOL Russia would eat both Finland and Swedan for dinner🤣🤣 its like comparing Palestine and Jordan against Russia when Russia has over 100+ times more then their population, Nah Russia doesnt need nuclear to wipe them out,

  15. Russia can claim to respond any way it likes. After 70 days of war in Ukraine, it's become painfully apparent to anyone outside of the USSR (let's call a spade a spade shall we?) that the Russian army is nothing more than a Potemkin village.
    And Finland sees that too. Next to join up, Sweden! And we welcome our two newest members into NATO!

  16. To show its commitment for peace, Russia must apply and join NATO.
    A historic moment for peace in Europe.

  17. I dont think any NATO country is afraid of Russias military anymore.. maybe their nukes depending on how they have been maintaining them, but after this performance in Ukraine, thru are not the 2nd most powerful military in the world

  18. Russia is the top NATO recruiter and they're providing the most military aid support to Ukraine. Geez sounds like a good year if they weren't killing kids and raping women in Ukraine

  19. Russia ain't doing anything. They don't know how to manage their arm forces logistics much less attack another country.

  20. Stop this BS about Finland and Sweden to join NATO…All NATO members must sign onto this request, TURKEY has made it clear it will not support them joining NATO…again, 100% of NATO members must agree…but let's not have the media tell the truth.

  21. The Globalists want Putin gone,Russia is a Christian power,they must hate that,the west is controlled by the rothchild bankers ,Goldman Sachs,George Soros,they hate Christianity,Putin also stopped them killing Assad,Putin kicked out the globalists from just like sryia ,the Ukrainian people will suffer.

  22. Mainstream media such as NBC News, now uses “decoy title” to attract viewers 😂😂😂😂 you all are out of business for good. How does the video content explain the title of the video?

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