India battles to contain spread of Omicron variant – BBC News

India is battling to contain the spread of the new Omicron variant of Covid.

The country was hit hard during the second wave of coronavirus earlier this year and was criticised for not telling the world early enough about Delta, which spread rapidly and became the dominant variant across the globe.

More than half of India’s adult population is fully vaccinated. That however still leaves hundreds of millions at risk and doctors have warned that if an Omicron-fuelled third wave hits, medical facilities could still be overrun very quickly.

“We are just starting to see an uptick in the number of patients… these are double vaccinated people starting to get infection again,” says Dr Sumit Ray, from Holy Family Hospital in Delhi.

Warning: This report contains distressing images.

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  1. Hi BBC… now what about UK policy for omicron variet.
    We can say that UK and Europe done the hands up and allow not to use mask and live with it…
    Please share article on that also…Biased BBC

  2. How is Europe doing . who says half of Europe will get infected ? Looks like in Uk every house is getting impacted . Is it severe in terms of hospitalisation ?

  3. You are misinformed. The corrupt Congress government has been out of power for more than six years. There are no corruption charges against the present government, at least until now. I would say this is about the most honest government ever.
    You will appreciate that India is relatively a poor county, thanks to the efficient looting model of the British and not just of money also of the rich intellectually property of India. 45 Trillion pounds is a very modest estimate of the loot.
    I agree that more testing results in more results. However, One test of two is the extraordinary performance of India considering its size, poverty levels. I am presently based out of Europe, but I have far more confidence in the Indian government than the more prosperous government of the EU. Many pseudo secularists are perpetually trying to discredit the government, notwithstanding its absolutely phenomenal performance of the government in the face of such calamity.
    There is much UK and other losers can learn from India. However, we would not like to make fun of the bodies in freezers in the UK and US as was done with sadistic glee by BBC. It is against our Indian ethos. One reason which could explain the lower cases in Indian could be that we cremate our dead (in earmarked crematoriums which explains the long queue).
    Anyway, if there are any miracles to be performed by Jesus or his evangelists' cronies, the time is NOW, no point creating a scene when it is back to normal. And make a show of dead rising to vote or blind seeing and singing the glory of the fraud miracles.

  4. I have OMICRON and I remembered how I felt when the doctor told me it will be very hard for me to conceive but , all to the glory of GOD that after using DR AKHO HERBAL on YouTube natural infective herbal medication am a mother of four kids . Thank you doctor for making me a fruitful woman☘️

  5. S000…. When will natural immunity and herd
    immunity become an accepted form of immunity again? And second question. Where did Influenza go? With current rona fatalities at the same levels as pre-rona Influenza numbers, where are the influenza numbers? We didn't have a worldwide pandemic in
    2019 when Influenza was at a record high. Omicron symptoms: Extreme fatigue and body aches. Very similar to a hard day of work.

  6. What trauma is uk upto
    Instead of showing what india is doing… what uk is doing….as of day uk has max number of people suffering from covid

  7. Covid conditions during second wave were concerning in india and was failure of government but bbc should stop showing these derogatory pictures from old delhi and mumbai slums it's disturbing.

  8. I have OMICRON and I remembered how I felt when the doctor told me it will be very hard for me to conceive but , all to the glory of GOD that after using DR AKHO HERBAL on YouTube natural infective herbal medication am a mother of four kids . Thank you doctor for making me a fruitful woman

  9. Throw your TV in the bin and wake up people stop believing the crap coming out of those BBC lies. Wake up people and study Jordan Maxwell. To find out who rules you and runs your life and owns you Wake up people.

  10. 0:31 so that poor science lady is left feeling like a unwanted piece of furniture by the big mouth journalist.
    Imagine explaining somthing to someone only to have them turn around and go off on their own talking about something else

  11. BBC is delusional it still thinks the UK is some kind of superpower and India is some kind of British colony.
    They should not forget that it is only because of India's 45 Trillion Pounds loot that the UK has some semblance of power.

  12. What bullshit…Just back from India last week….everything's normal there…the Indian made covaxine is super effective

  13. Stop the hyteria! All this variant talk and not a mention of china in all this? The whole world is suffering because of one country, Where's the accountability? Mass murder continues

  14. If India is able to keep Omicron from spreading, that will be a miracle on a super massive scale, because the rest of the world just rolled over like an injured Wildebeest encircled by lions & hyena.

  15. Here we go again. A lot of people in India didn’t follow through on the second vaccine, but I blame the government of India for that because they should be more proactive and make it easier for people to get vaccinated.

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