Inside the Global Underground Wildlife Trafficking Market

In this first episode of ‘Bad Goods’, VICE News dives deep into illegal pangolin trafficking in Nigeria and China.

‘Bad Goods’ is a documentary series for Vice News looking at the worldwide illicit trade market, from wildlife trafficking, counterfeit item selling and sand mining. It will follow key people, from enforcement to traffickers, at the heart of the trade and explore what is behind the demand for illicit products.

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  1. yo u cant just say ' they eat anything '.
    This comes accross as discriminatory, like you are addressing the Chinese individual in a rude way 
    not addressing the cruelty of eating the dying breed
    only drawing attention to your own cogintive dissonance in western animal preferalisation; the bizarre tradition of consuming some animals and not others. 

    simply highlight that to eat a critically endangered species is alike to
    eating the sickness of the earth
    since their species is dying
    their family is dying.
    please someone able to translate into Manderin spread this message
    if you care about this speak to your elders
    we must do something now it is no use circulating this message to english speakers
    where are chinese communities online, let me speak to them.
    I will learn your language
    and appeal to the humanity inside you

    we must save our earths creatures before it is too late.

  2. Please do not insult chinese it will not help.
    a society cannot change an entrenched tradition quickly.
    but they must understand
    that to eat the meat of a critically endangered species is a soulless act
    it is evil in definition

  3. You could also make it a legal trade for exotic animals but have heavy tax on them like 50 to 80 procent tax including heavy tariffs cost per country or ocean they pass through making it super hard to profit from except very few people. Now also to make a law that those who doesn’t apply to this conditions face lifetime prison or death penelty if they have ignored it for a long time.

  4. And Chinese medicine uses how many wild animal sources? I think THAT is the elephant in the room that nobody is discussing. Medicine and pharmaceuticals are generally regulated by government so the obvious resolution would be to ask, what is the Chinese government actually doing about the issue.

    You could alternately fund studies showing there to be no known benefit of pangolins in medicine, then public health and advertising campaigns to negatively impact the demand for such fraudulent medicine.

  5. Bruh, he sell them pangolin for US$20. I'll pay that for pangolin trader fingers, per finger. That's US$400 if he get me all 10. I cannot find any here, no more. Very very rare, I need for my medicine. Traditional. And it cures cancer 100% proofed, scientists says high demand for pangolin trader fingers right now!

  6. I will tell you for a fact that as a Nigerian, the government doesn't really care about wildlife or its preservation. They are more concerned about oil and how to loot its gains. It is a sad reality we live in

  7. Keep hunting and finish everything. Let the ecosystem die and let the leaders and greedy people know that power and money is not important.

  8. Well, every traditional culture involve exotic animals or plants. Do I trust them: Yes. Here are the one I trust: Poppys, Coca, Weed, and Tabaco among others. They are proven to have an effect, from testimonies you will see the number 420.

  9. Wtf are yall animals lovers expect to happen in a city like that were poverty is at such a high level we, people from Europe or USA have no idea!!!! So stop judging these people maneeee….they need to eat some way….

  10. I feel so sorry for the one animal tied to a stick they showed several times. That man was torturing it, keeping it tied up and slapping it to get it to react. What is always THE CHINESE that create this “need” to virtually wipe out whole species….rhino horns, elephant tusks, shark fin etc?

  11. He sold that endangered pangolin for $10, wow. I am beyond disgusted. The fact that the bushmeat seller is doing this out in the open just shows that the government does not care.

  12. I know I’m late to this video but the whole putting animals into categories makes no sense
    By putting these animals into the the endangered list it makes it so much more difficult to get ahold of them and make back up colonies which could be used to truly help the species
    This animal is a complete anomaly in itself, a crazy creature of evolution
    A mammal with scales??!!
    I myself would be willing to breed these beautiful animals to create these backup colonies
    Idk if it will work but what else is there to do
    We can only do good not defeat evil

  13. Wait wait wait….. so it’s Chinese “traditional medicine” but has any scientists confirmed that the scales actually have medicinal properties? Or is this some bullshit Chinese wise tale made up over thousands of years.

  14. Mankind really seems hell bent on destructing the whole ecosystem at all costs, all while calling it healthy and profitable – Much like any malignant cancer which eats at its host until the host is dead. If we are overall too dumb to deal with this issue of mindless self destruction, it is clear we do not deserve to exist for much longer on this planet, not even a single person. Honestly, I despise anyone who believes in such woo like shown here and thinks the suffering of other humans or creatures is good for them.

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