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Israel has blocked a major deal with the UAE which was to transport oil from the Gulf to Europe via an Israeli port city that houses fragile coral reefs, the announcement not could lead to the cancellation of the deal.

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  1. Israeli environment minister says UAE oil deal is blocked: Israel's Environment Minister said Thursday a clandestine oil deal into a waypoint for Emirati oil headed for Western markets has effectively been blocked. LOL "CLANDESTINE" US and Israel with help from Kushner family tried and continue to try ripoff UAE $$$$$. I'm sure UAE side of story is complete different than Israel presentation.

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  3. UAE was screw up by Israel. In Abraham accord.
    1. UAE was told by Trump and Israel that UAE would get F-35 and other weapon.that deal almost went south.
    2. UAE was supposed to get oil pipeline to Europe through Israel. It looks like this one is also going south.

    That after UAE normalized relationship with Israel. One wonders if Israel is trustworthy nation.

  4. Eilat red sea should be a world heritage reservation.
    It's one of the best spot for diving in the world!!!
    It's not another spot that we want to ruin with oil!!!

  5. Sounds like UAE* signed a crappy* Accords* deal and got nothing in return; no F35s and no oil to sell to Europe. It has nothing to do with environment; it was because Bennett* told the UAE leaders during his visit to break off relations with Iran* or no oil transport deal. UAE has to drink their oil now or sell elsewhere.

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