Jamaica News Today July 25 2021/JBNN

Jamaica News Today July 25 2021/JBNN

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  1. Thief dem; when I left jamaica I had money in my account ; a year after returning my account was clean out …. yeah dormant account ….

  2. Why would Jamaica want to invade people bank accounts because it’s dormant???? Then the law would be just as criminal as the gunmen, an account can be dormant because holders are away illegally and cannot access their accounts and is depending on it if and when they have to return to their homeland in the case they are caught, upon return no MONEY your own government steal it. Shame

  3. What happen to the needy families of those bank account use the money that ohnoo using to run election to do all these look for the families I wouldn't mind you give me look at my name see if it match send me how to get my families money out of oder

  4. JAh ❤️ is real 💯 peace 💯 hw ur my black kings n queens n family al g pray n bless up yrself n family stay safe. To al mothers n fathers please check yrself do u al growin yr childrens n granchildrens with the love peace respect manners for the most high of the highest who designed heavens n earth? U al need to spend much more time with yr childrens n granchildrens n pray keep telin them about the most high of the highest i think many mums n dads is nt putin in the time to pray with them childrens n granchildrens. I no we al say it is the white man write the Bible to control us black kings n queens ya i agree. i stil ask myself who designed n created oxygen the skys u n me animals ⛅🌟🌒 waters lightin ⚡ thunders. it came to me that there of to be some one. nw that some one is al good Great in out n aroun for us al. that mean please let us al black kings n queens start teach our children n granchildrens much more more more about the most high of the highest who designed n created oxygen heavens n earth 🌍⛅🌟🌒 waters lightin ⚡ thunders animals humanity please 🙏🙏🙏 its neva 3 late let us Teach give n show our future children n granchildrens the future love care respect manners it al start frm us black kings n queens. To al young youths age 13 14 15 25 n over think positive talk positive move positive listen to only upright positive, its hard but dnt stop try friens n family will say n do tings to upset n hurt u rember hold yrself together dnt give in dnt give up n positive thinkin n positive movement i love u al my black kings n queens of the world upful love n peace 💯

  5. May God have mercy on the next generation. There goes a generation without discipline!! Parents indisciplined themselves. How do you have children coming out to play @ 9:30 PM instead of going in at 8 even when curfew begins @ 6 PM?

  6. What is needed is anyone who has opening an account in Jamaica 🇯🇲 to put at least two beneficiaries just in case anything happens
    The government needs to pass a Law to carry out this rules and protocols for the bank to pay out to the account holders beneficiaries. Y’all need to more considerate towards the families Of the account holders.

  7. Lawd have mercy🤦🏽‍♀️ why they are labelled as children and they are doing high crimes. 🙄 they are not in the eyes of mines…they are adults and they must be charged as such. 🤷🏽‍♀️ at the end of the day is what they choose. And in such circumstances must be faced in the end.

  8. Leave the people dem money alone , banks need to fine those who own those account or fine their relatives of those accounts, go use your money and your drugs dealing frens money

  9. Boy Jamaica is getting sadder every day what's going on car accident almost every day the devil is running around feeling sorry for the fire victim RIP I hope they found the 16 year old alive those police is on the opposite side they are not getting enough pay

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