Jamaica's Bad Wud Law | TVJ News – July 27 2021

Now following this latest incident social media has been a buzz with debate about police arrests for cursing or seemingly disrespecting the Prime Minister. I spoke with TVJ’s legal analyst Dionne Jackson Miller earlier about the developments.

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  1. I agree! Andrew violate de youth and must apologize to Jamaica , me vex Andre I cannot believe you crossover Andrew my hurry and sort it out because we don't want the pnp in power because everything God say wrong the pnp support

  2. As long as your not threatening the priminister in any way shape or form you have the right to express yourself as you please however its seems distasteful I agree but why that's the question because people's wright's are being violated daily which seems to be the Trent by the police and the priminister

  3. How police tell people bad wud suh who a guh lock dem up how no one did defend mama p wen she was disrespect the people when she was in power dat why jackass seh di worl nuh level smrch

  4. So watt now even one should dis the pm..no matter what you don't go on the internet to say bad things about your pm no matta if u a .JLP r PNP.. and yes we all know say a Jamaica dis we (gunman and police )a friend ..the situation no look good at all man…uno need fi go look for the people theme wea want help yo and give them some help yo kmt 😒😤

  5. A nuff dunce ppl deh a Jamaica enuh. How can the police find criminals the same way how they found this dude? He literally said "Mi name Shaquille Higgins, me live a Main Street, Moneague". Do criminals do that?

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